Ways To Escape Black Hole Of Technical Debt


Some of the traditional software programs comprise of phase based approach to current development. Some of the options over here are alpha, feature development, beta and even the golden master. Each one of the release start with the phase, where the new features are constructed and residual issues, which were left from last released, are currently addressed. Here, the development cycle reaches the current “alpha”, whenever the feature is implemented and set ready for testing. You can reach out to Beta, whenever enough bugs are fixed for enabling customer feedback. As the team is busy fixing the bugs, some new bugs might appear. This is primarily termed as continuous procedure.

Avoid the dangerous way

Fixing bugs constantly is a dangerous way to create software. As the number of bugs grows, tackling it can sometime turn out to be quite a difficult phase. It can further results in vicious death spiral of the current technical debt. For making the matters worse, schedules are sometimes derailed due to coding, and as the procedure slow down after a certain point of time. It might force some of the customers to leave you for good. Well, there will be another important alternative in this sector now.

Reduce the amount of technical debt

Agile is the best way to reduce the current technical debt. It helps in maintaining quality into iterative development approach. It helps the team to maintain consistent level quality release. There is always a tick behind your safety modules and that trick is known as defining or redefining. Traditionally, the term done is meant good for the QA procedure to start. Well, the problem is that bugs start to creep in early phrases of release cycle, and continue to creep inside the procedure. Therefore, when QA gets hold of it, the products are already saddled with layers of defects. With agile, you can define done with the ready to release product, but the developers are not allowed to move to the next stage, unless the previous one is in customer’s hand.

Adding some of the nest technologies

These are some of the reasons to procure Agile help while working on fixing bugs. Now, for speeding up this procedure, you can add some of the new technologies, as well. Some of those techniques are automated testing, feature branching workflows and even continuous integration through the current development cycle. If you can prevent technical debt, then you are about to enrich development to be agile in the future long run. Check out for more information or information on best debt consolidation loans online and learn how to solve your issues and live a tension free life.

Main branch to work on

The main or primary branch needs to be ready to shipped, which is the first and foremost priority. Therefore, the new features are going to being their lives on the current task branch, which further comprises of code for feature, along with the same automated tests. After you have completed this feature, and have passed the automated testing session, then this branch is likely to be merged up with master. The quality bar always remains fixed and technical debt stays under control, for that. You can even work on credit card refinancing for some immediate help, too.