Why YouTube is the future of advertising


With over 1 billion users and 30 million daily visitors, YouTube is a fantastic place for businesses to advertise. There are a number of advert formats that you can use here to reach your target audience, including non-skippable video ads, skippable ads and display ads. With such a large user base, this is sure to get your company noticed.

As such a large platform, the internet is the perfect place to advertise your business. There are many excellent places to do this, but one which is currently on the rise is YouTube. The hugely popular video streaming website has over 1 billion users around the world, and they receive over 30 million visitors every single day. Essentially, this makes YouTube a gigantic advertising platform and advertising here could transform any company.

One of the main advantages of advertising on YouTube is that there are a number of different ways to reach your target audience.

Video ads

Video ads appear before the user’s selected video and are an excellent way to catch their attention. A film is a particularly engaging form of media, and it’s hard to ignore. There are both skippable adverts and non-skippable adverts available. One of the main advantages of video ads on YouTube is the fact that you can target users by age, location, interests, gender and more. This allows you to reach your audience with precision. Also, you only pay when the user clicks the ad – this should deliver strong results.

Standard banner ads

You can also use standard banner ads to catch the user’s attention. Topic categories and keywords can specify where these appear, so you can reach your target audience and entice them to your website. For a user to click on one of these ads, it is vital that the banner is attractive and colourful. Taking help of a YouTube display advertising agency is the best way to achieve this and target more users.

In-video overlay ads

These clever adverts appear on contextually targeted videos in the form of a pop-up advert. The destination URL within these ads can go to places outside of YouTube, such as a company homepage. These adverts are effective as they are hard to ignore, but not too invasive on the user.

These are the three most important forms of adverts to use on YouTube, but you can also use display ads, overlay ads and sponsored cards. Using a combination of these will get you noticed and direct plenty of traffic to your website.

Video content is on the rise, and experts predict that video will take up a staggering 69% of consumer traffic by the end of 2017. YouTube is leading the way, and this makes it a large platform to advertise anything and everything. To stand out from the crowd and encourage clicks to your website, you need to utilise different ad formats. These adverts should also be beautifully designed and engaging. This alone could have an enormous impact on your brand reputation and sales.