Vidmate and the Story of Video Downloading


For the video lovers who love to watch activities and learn them, the videos can be the best option. There are lots of creators who know the skills and create videos to share their skills to others. These videos can play a vital role in learning as with the help of some they can easily grab the required skills for specific crafts. They are helpful to develop the latest skills by watching in different fields but in many cases people want to download the video from the source which is not made possible as the concerned platform do not offer this feature. The name of vidmate is much in this concern as it is an app that can easily pull any video from any platform.

Why a video lover need to go for the vidmate:

Vidmate is an app that is provided by 9apps. It works well on the android devices and hence one who uses android devices and wants to have the videos downloaded on the device, this app can prove as an infallible weapon. The app is doubtlessly designed in a way that can easily accommodate on any device as it is small and hence one does not need to face any problem for space on device. The simple design and easy to go navigation helps one to use the app effectively as per his needs. One can download it from the site of 9apps where he needs to search the same with the help of the search bar.

Once the app is shown one can click on the given link for downloading of the same. It takes only a few seconds to get the app on the smartphone or any smart device. Once the app is downloaded it automatically gets installed also and hence one does not need to install it manually. After installation, the app is ready to be used.

How does it work?

Once the app is installed one needs to fetch the link of the concerned video which he needs to paste in the given space on the app. As soon as the link is pasted the button of download will pop up that one needs to click on. With a single click on this button the app will get activated and start pulling the video from any platform wherever it is loaded. Hence it takes only a moment to get the desired video on the device for a user.

Some notable features:

This app is full of some beautiful features. The most notable one is its size as it is small and hence can be easily and immediately downloaded. The design is created in a way that the user does not feel any confusion while using it. The app also creates a folder where the downloaded videos are automatically saved which helps the user to track the video easily. The performance of this app is the most noteworthy feature as it never fails to download the video unless the link provided for the video is incorrect.