iPhone Camera Accessories That Are A Must-Have For Social Influencers


Whether you are gradually making a mark for yourself as a social influencer or are at the top of your game in the field, you still need to upgrade your tools from time to time to make sure your presence is felt online. The iPhone has most definitely transcended to an all in one device for social influencers to capture videos, podcasts, and images while sharing them with professional-grade edits while on the fly. Yet, if your iPhone is doing so much for you, you should also be more vigilant with the accessories and features that can further protect and improve the convenience and performance of your iPhones. Here is a list of premium iPhone accessories that are a must-have in your kitty wither you are a blogger or a social influencer just starting out.

For Vloggers – Tripod Stands

The most essential accessory for iPhone vloggers is to have a portable tripod that can be handy to secure your phone as a camera at a moment’s notice, leaving your hands free to create the other aspects of the tutorial. Whether you are capturing videos or images a steady shot is a must for the image quality to shine through when the actual video is playing. Look for multifunctional tripods that can switch to an iPhone stand or can be a grip tight attachment for your car screen to capture the video while you drive. The height can be adjusted to give you the correct vantage point for your iPhone camera to shoot the video at just the right angle. You can also opt for tripods from Manfrotto which offers a stand along with a video grip feature. This helps keep your iPhone steady in your hand while you move to capture the image or videos.

For Instagram influencers – lens enhancers

Lens enhancers can turn your iPhone camera into a mini DSLR camera within a moment’s notice. If you are only going to be packing your iPhone while traveling to exotic places and want to shoot Instagram photos that are comparable to professional shoots, you need lens enhancers for your iPhone which supports various lens magnifications allowing you to upgrade your iPhone camera for wide-angle images and macro zoom capability.

For wildlife vloggers

Rough terrain and consistent vlogging only go hand in hand if you have the best outdoor camera kit to support your performance, With the sports case for your iPhone, you can literally turn your device into an outdoor-ready DSLR that not only takes spectacular videos but also protects your device through the harsh environment of the outdoor videography. You can also opt for specialized cases manufactured by top brands to protect your iPhone while you turn to underwater vlogging.

The budding social media influencers – Selfie Sticks

Any worthy influencer will know that a selfie stick is a complete essential and just the feature where you start when you are collecting iPhone accessories in with social values in mind. Start with a selfie stick that can be used for the long term and in different types of camera conditions. Choose one which have features such as a waterproof selfie stick with an extremely durable and sturdy grip.

Make sure your accessories are only chosen from suppliers that store original brands. The brand value, in this case, is optimum to the ultimate performance of the accessories when paired with your iPhone.