Vidmate: Download Unlimited Videos Anytime

Almost everyone is having the Smart Phones in this era of digitalization. Due to the advent of technology, people have so many choices and sources from where they can use their internet. Now days, everyone is so obsessed with the social media applications and the users of it are increasing every day. Almost every age group is occupied with the social media apps and using them for daily basis too. Every social media application provides so many benefits to the users even in their routine life. They watch videos, listen songs, watch movies, favourite channels, etc. on social media. The most popular social media application is the YouTube. With millions of videos uploaded everyday on YouTube, have made this application the most used apps of social media. You can watch as much as videos you want to watch on social media platforms.

But many applications even like YouTube have come up with some restrictions on the use of this application. It allows us to watch end number of videos on it, but it does not allow the video downloading. You cannot download video from YouTube. For that purpose you have to download additional application which will allow you to download videos from YouTube i.e. Vidmate. Vidmate allows its users to download videos from various social media platforms and can watch anytime as per their requirement. There are so many features of this video downloading application which makes it most popular among the all other apps. Some of the features are discussed as follows:

  • High quality video support: the main feature of this video downloading app is it allows the users to download the videos in high quality resolution. While watching videos on laptops you may come to know the difference in quality standards of various formats.
  • Android user app: this app is only for android. This video downloading application supports the android base and allows them to download videos from social media. The speed of downloading videos increases at high pace than any other video downloading applications.
  • User friendly application: the interface of this application is very user friendly which is easy to operate. The complexity level of the application is so low and it is having the most simple user friendly interface.
  • Multitasking application: this application allows the users to do more than one task at a time. You can even download multiple videos at the same time. This application does not require large storage capacity and hence, proves to be the leading application among all other ones.
  • Streaming videos, television, etc.: you can stream any video or any other program on television anytime. Watch unlimited videos and channels on this application. You can also download them as and when you want without even spending a single penny on it.
  • Secured and safe: this application ensures the users to protect their personal data from any kind of hacking.

This application is safe and secured to be used by all. You can simply download this application and enjoy its unlimited features.


Vidmate and the Story of Video Downloading

For the video lovers who love to watch activities and learn them, the videos can be the best option. There are lots of creators who know the skills and create videos to share their skills to others. These videos can play a vital role in learning as with the help of some they can easily grab the required skills for specific crafts. They are helpful to develop the latest skills by watching in different fields but in many cases people want to download the video from the source which is not made possible as the concerned platform do not offer this feature. The name of vidmate is much in this concern as it is an app that can easily pull any video from any platform.

Why a video lover need to go for the vidmate:

Vidmate is an app that is provided by 9apps. It works well on the android devices and hence one who uses android devices and wants to have the videos downloaded on the device, this app can prove as an infallible weapon. The app is doubtlessly designed in a way that can easily accommodate on any device as it is small and hence one does not need to face any problem for space on device. The simple design and easy to go navigation helps one to use the app effectively as per his needs. One can download it from the site of 9apps where he needs to search the same with the help of the search bar.

Once the app is shown one can click on the given link for downloading of the same. It takes only a few seconds to get the app on the smartphone or any smart device. Once the app is downloaded it automatically gets installed also and hence one does not need to install it manually. After installation, the app is ready to be used.

How does it work?

Once the app is installed one needs to fetch the link of the concerned video which he needs to paste in the given space on the app. As soon as the link is pasted the button of download will pop up that one needs to click on. With a single click on this button the app will get activated and start pulling the video from any platform wherever it is loaded. Hence it takes only a moment to get the desired video on the device for a user.

Some notable features:

This app is full of some beautiful features. The most notable one is its size as it is small and hence can be easily and immediately downloaded. The design is created in a way that the user does not feel any confusion while using it. The app also creates a folder where the downloaded videos are automatically saved which helps the user to track the video easily. The performance of this app is the most noteworthy feature as it never fails to download the video unless the link provided for the video is incorrect.


Popular FAQs on 9apps Apk download

What is 9apps Apk?

9apps is an alternative app store that you can use in Android devices in place of google play or besides google play. It is an alternative platform and you can download a lot of additional apps which are not available on google store. But some official Google apps are absent in the 9apps store. That is why it is recommended that you use the 2 app stores simultaneously to have better access to all applications.

Is 9apps apk available for android?

The apk version of 9apps is exclusively designed for the Android platform and goes well with all smartphones.

Is vidmate available on 9apps?

Yes, vidmate is available on 9apps. It is not available on google store and if you are looking for a secured site to download vidmate then 9apps could be the choice for you. Downloading apps from unknown sites might lead to damage to your device due to any virus or any other malware.

Is 9apps safe to use?

The apps you download from 9apps are safe to use as they are free from all kinds of viruses or any other type of existing malware. Thus, it is quite safe to use 9apps while downloading different games and other applications.

Is 9apps free?

All apps available on 9apps along with the application itself is freely available and you can use it as per your requirements.

How to download 9apps?

Just search for 9apps Apk download and you will be redirected to the official site of 9apps. There you can download the app. For installation, you have to allow installation of a third-party app from the device settings and then proceed. This is how you have to install 9apps on any smartphone or Android tablet.

Do 9apps operate fast enough like other app stores?

Some of the biggest advantages of 9Apps are that it works super-fast like any other app store or sometimes even better. So, you can definitely rely on it from downloading point of view. The second thing is that 9apps is user-friendly and easy to use. Thus, anybody can use the app.

Why does google show warning while installing 9apps?

Google shows these kinds of warning when you try to install any kind of third-party application that is not made by Google. So it asks for permission in the form of a warning for all third-party apps.

Is 9apps recommended?

9apps is a site with apps from all different versions and has an impressive server speed and can be easily operated by anyone. It is freely available and free from virus or any other malware. You can use it in your smartphone to download apps which are not available on google play store. Thus, it can be of great use. It has a lot of cracked versions of different games and web series so you can get them for free as well if you install 9apps on your device. So, the app is highly recommended.


Vidmate download procedure decoded!

Living in the 20s where technology has almost overtaken mankind, determining their actions to an unimaginable extent, we all know the feeling when our internet lapses even for a little while. It not only vexes us out, but also feels like the entire world has shut down for a while. You see! That’s how much addicted we are to the present day technology. Under the same light, it is even more exasperating when you are constantly trying to download a video and it keeps on buffering. Eventually it takes an eternity to download. Here, is where the smart people would use this loophole called Vidmate.

What is this application all about?

Vidmate, as the name slightly reflects, is an outstanding application for downloading YouTube and other such streaming videos in your device storage. With a meagre size of 11.03MB, vidmate download procedure is pretty lucid and fundamental. The latest, or to say, the last version of this app is Vidmate 3.35.

  • It comes with a user friendly operability and is equally facile to navigate.
  • The user can even morph the video quality while it is still being downloaded. Cool right!
  • The users can also choose between low quality or high definition quality as per their will. It can download in 360p as also in 1080p.
  • The videos can be downloaded in minutes; pretty expeditiously than the any other app would render you to.
  • The users can also password protect their downloads.
  • Inside of the video streaming app, the users can stream live TV.
  • This app also allows the users to download from multiple sources at the very same time.
  • Pushing towards maximal and making the best out of your internet calibre, this app can download videos at a 200% faster rate as compared to any other app used for the same purpose. Isn’t this actually huge!
  • Videos available for downloads are from safe and secure servers and pose no harm or insecurity to your device.

How to download and install the app?

The vidmate download procedure is much simpler than you are already anticipating. And here is how to do that:

  • Download the app on your android device.
  • Open the ‘file manager’ and head straight into the ‘downloads’ folder.
  • Next you need to enable ‘installation from unknown sources’.
  • For this, head into the ‘settings’ options and simply click on ‘installations from unknown sources’ to enable it.
  • Once you are done with this, move to the Vidmate application and install it.
  • You might get a warning pop up at this stage. Just click on ‘OK’ and move towards your app and download it.

The app Latest Whatsapp Status
since its very inception has been a mixed bundle or pros and cons. While some users claim it leaks the private information of the users, some claim the app to be a problem solver and recommend it highly for downloading videos. Solution? If you put privacy first, try not to use the app. If not, just go ahead and experience the mind boggling realm of super-fast downloads.


What Features Makes The People To Download 9apps?

Well, guys, need to download any apps or games? If so, then what comes in your mind? Just imagine! Let me tell you the answer. The answer would be the Google play store, right? Of course, it could be the best choice. At the same time, there are plenty of choices are available. When it comes to mobile applications, most of the people are seeking for the best solution. Apart from all others, 9apps is the ultimate choice for users to download all the applications in a fast manner. If you want to know more about the application, then you have reached the correct destination.

Why one should prefer for 9apps?

When it comes to ordinary platform, many applications are available in large size. At the same time, it absolutely takes up much of your space. So, many people go for a smart app which provides the best solution. When compared to any of the applications, 9apps is the one which is compact and light-weight in size. So, it has the ability to give space on your handset. At the same time, you can download nearly more than thousands of the latest app through this application. If you tried the app once in your lifetime, sure it will become your favorite one.


¾ When an app is called user-friendly app? Yes, one should compete with testing, acknowledgment, depth analysis and many more. at the same time, the 9apps is designed with the simple user interface and so you need not to find any of the difficult processes while searching for your desired choices.

Vast and Dominated:

¾ When it comes to collections, 9apps has a massive amount of latest and trendy collections. Do you know? Nearly more than millions of users follow the 9apps and download more than thousands of contents per day.


¾ Most of the time cost plays an important role. At the same time, with the help of 9apps, you can avail the platform at absolutely at free of cost. So, the user needs not to spend much of your time and money in order to avail the app.

How to download 9Apps on your device?

Want to download 9apps on your device? Looking for the best way to get any contents like multimedia contents and popular apps directly without any issues? If so, then follow the below given steps and make use of it effectively.

ü First and foremost visit the official website

ü Then, the main page will display on your screen with some relevant search

ü Now, you have to hit the red “Download” button to get the application on your handset

ü Without any delay, just click on it instantly

ü Then, the download process will begin to start automatically

ü Afterward, open your SD card folder and find out the 9apps apk file on your handset

ü Once found, just click on the application and follow the instructions carefully to proceed further

ü Finally, your application has installed successfully and ready to use.

ü Enjoy the 9apps and fulfill your download needs


Details and features of Myjio download

Internet has turned out to be like the basic necessities that every human being needs. All the works, be it official or personal, from sending a file to your boss or buying groceries and medicines for yourself, everything is carried out online. Therefore, an active internet connection is really important for everyone. But then, internet is used in almost everything that we do and that requires an active internet connection throughout the day, so Wi-Fi is not going to serve the purpose. And you require a good amount of internet too with good speed, so that would cost you a lot of money. But this is the situation that ideally anyone would think of, but is not the actual case. To get all your internet problems solved, all you need is a Myjio download.

Myjio app- Does it cater all your needs?

For all the various purposes that you can wish your internet to do for you, you just need to get yourself a jio SIM card. You can easily get it any jio store nearby or even order one online. And once you get it, your first step is done. Then you need to make a Myjio download. After you download this app, you can get all the features just in one app. You can get great internet plans and that too with a very low price and that would not compromise with the speed as you will get a 4G connection. You will be able to remember your recharge dates as the Myjio download will remind you of these things. You can recharge your account with the help of many online payment options like your debit card, e banking, pay tm and many more.

Not only this, you get a variety of another feature too. Jio takes care of your entertainment too. You get the jioSaavn app which caters all your music needs where you can enjoy music of various genres and languages and you can also download them. Then, you have the jioTv app which helps you to watch live TV on your phone itself without paying any extra amount. You get an access to various TV channels and so you can watch your favorite TV shows on your phone. You then have the Jiocinema app which gives you access to movies and web series. You can find almost all the movies of various genres and languages on this app and can watch them in good picture quality. To keep you informed and updated about the current affairs, you get the jioXpress news and the jioMags app. You have the Jionewspaper app where you can get almost all the leading newspapers on your phone. With the help of Jiomoney, you can keep your money safe and make online payments while you shop. And to shop online, you get the Ajio app too which keeps your style intact. This app can bring you closer to your friends and family too. This caters the need if multiple apps all in a single app.


How you can do 9apps download for your mobile phone?

We all use multiple apps to fill up our phone with the desired features, but imagine having one such platform that not only serves your desires but gives you multiple benefits at one? Yes, 9apps download has got this incredible feature that you would definitely not find in any other app. This is one stop solution that allows you to search and download the apps from multiple categories including lifestyle, business, parenting, food, communication, photography, health, sports, social, beauty and a lot more. You can simply get the apk and the apps installed on your device with the assistance of this platform. Want to know how you can get it downloaded for your Android device? Read through and find out!

What are the steps to download 9apps for Android?

Being a great supportive platform, it gives you immense benefits in term of downloading the games, wallpapers, and various apps instantly. However, to download other beneficial apps, you first have to get this app on your mobile phone. And with different alternatives, you can easily get it. But here are a few basic steps that will assist you in reaching your destination.

  • Go to the Google web browser and search for 9apps. You can see the various search results from where you can directly reach the desired result. Now, look up for credible sites and open them.
  • As Android users look up for play store basically, make sure that this app is similar to a play store and it is not available there.
  • Go on the official website to get the 9apps download for Android and press on the download option. However, there are various details about the app like its features and how to use it, so you can easily navigate through them and understand the possible rules and terms of operations.
  • Once the application gets downloaded on your mobile phone, you can simply click on the install option and then get the final installation done without any complications.
  • In some cases, security alternatives are pretty high. Still, to get the app on such phones, you have to go in the settings options, choose the security alternative and finally select device administration, switch it on to unknown sources. Now download and open up the apk file, now select the install option and then open. Finally, you have the app right in your hands to be experimental with.

What all things must be considered while downloading the app?

Make sure that you don’t end up messing with the official apps and fake ones. Because most of the times there are fake websites from where you not only get the fake info, but even your personal details and data are hacked. The device gets prone to viruses and it becomes really complicated to get rid of all these. So, always make sure that you are in touch with the professional 9apps download platform from where you can easily get 9apps. As soon as it is installed, you will never look forward to another app store for your mobile phone.


How to Choose the Right Bitcoin App

Bitcoin gets bigger year after year, despite the fact that it has its fair share of poor performances in the past. You can now buy wearables with smart technology or even host a bitcoin ATM. There is an increasing number of things that can be done with bitcoins and there have been innovations on how to do these things. In this post, however, our focus is the bitcoin app. If you are deciding which app is best, read on and we’ll help you make the right decision. Basically, these are bitcoin exchanges or wallets that will allow you to monitor and manage your cryptocurrency even when you are on the go.

Before we proceed, if you want to buy and sell bitcoin instantly while also earning money from existing space, you will need more than just a mobile app. You will need an ATM, such as what is being offered at

Read Reviews

One of the first things that you should do is to take the time to read reviews. Online, you can see a lot of people sharing their real-life experiences, which will make it easy for you to weigh the pros and cons of the alternatives. However, take note that you cannot trust all reviews. There are some people who are paid to publish reviews in favor of the subject. You should be diligent enough to spot fake reviews to avoid making a choice you will regret.

Make Sure it is User-Friendly

Regardless of the app that we are using, there is often one thing that we want it to be – easy to use. With this, see to it that the bitcoin app provides a user-friendly interface. It should be free of complicated features. Making any transaction should be a breeze, especially for those who are inexperienced. If it is a paid app, it will be good if there is a free trial so that you will have the opportunity to first gauge its user-friendliness.

Take Note of the Security Features

As a bitcoin user or investor, you should choose an app with high-level security features, which will provide you with peace of mind. Especially if you are making a significant investment, see to it that it will be impervious to threats that could affect your crypto. Often, the manufacturer will brag about their security features in a bid to win clients. Mobile wallets are believed to be prone to hacking, so be careful on what you choose.

Consider the Features

To chose one that stands out from all others, you also have to take into account the features that you can expect in the wallet. For instance, some are strictly for monitoring the current and historical market performance of the cryptocurrency. Others, meanwhile, are more sophisticated and can facilitate a number of bitcoin transactions.

In sum, while there are tons of bitcoin apps that are available, they are not created equally. Be an intelligent user and take note of the tips that have been mentioned above to arrive at a well-informed decision.


3 Super Apps that every business owner should have when handling a remote team

Working remotely is a trend that’s increasingly becoming popular amongst millennials today. In fact, a recent report released by Global Workplace Analytics shows that there has been a 103% growth of the number of employees working from the comforts of their home since 2005. Boy, that’s a pretty large increment!

Moreover, it’s safe to say that remote working is not only beneficial to a company, but also to the employee as well. Here are some of the impressive stats that highlighted the report.

  • A business can save up to $11000 annually for every employee
  • Telecommuters can save a whopping $2000 to $7000 annually just by working from home

That being said, the American government can also benefit tremendously from remote work. In fact, the report states that if persons having compatible jobs had the desire to work, and did so from home just half the time, the national savings would be up a whopping $700 billion a year!

In fact, the key benefits of working from home cannot be downplayed. Everything from better productivity, lesser distractions, are some of the reasons why remote work is extremely popular.

So without further ado, here are the top tools every small business owner requires to successfully run their business from the comfort of their home.


This app is considered a gem because it helps an owner ideally to keep their business projects organized and on time thanks to their impressive project management software.

One of the great benefits of Asana is that it can be used free of charge for up to 15 people, making it an excellent too especially for startups and small business that are just starting out, or don’t have large teams.

Moreover, their free plan enables one to monitor unlimited projects as well as tasks; not to mention keep all the deliverables of a project in one place; that is everything from the draft to the final delivery.


Canva is an amazing, easy to use graphics design software that can turn any graphically impaired or challenged marketer into an efficient and noteworthy designer.

The most impressive feature of Canva is its seamless drag and drop functionality, that comes in tandem with its large repository of both paid and free images. This makes it easy for all and sundry to design stunning documents.

Last but certainly not least, Canva has a myriad of templates that one can use to create jaw-dropping flyers, magazine covers, and social graphics.

If one is unable to afford the larger CRMs available in the market, then is every small business owner’s dream. The entire sales tool is built around the premise of targeting SMEs, thanks to having monumental features such as call log automation, emails, as well as an effective handling of data entry.


This amazing app enables one to effectively organize their marketing calendar, as well as the marketing and advertising team, all in one place. In fact, the app gives a business owner the functionality to loop all their content marketing team into the conversation to be effectively informed.

Moreover, it effectively enables the owner to manage his or her social channels, and plan their content efforts before each post is published.

That being said, for more information on handling a business remotely from home, as well as other content pertaining to business, visit Wallstreethedge.Com


7 Features That Every E-Commerce Mobile App Must Have

E-commerce is a growing industry and almost every seller wants to have an online store to supplement his brick-and-mortar sales. But having an online store is not enough as the business also needs an e-commerce mobile app to reach the smartphone customer base out there. It is important to understand that these apps differ from conventional gaming apps and there are some key features they should include. If you are planning to invest in one, here are the 7 most significant features to have in your e-commerce app.

  1. Intuitive interface

The first and foremost element of an online shopping app is an intuitive interface, with an appealing design and rich functionalities. It should be so easy to understand that the user is able to comprehend each step of shopping and complete the checkout process with speed and ease.

  1. Easy onboarding

The user should be able to onboard the application in short, simple and easy steps. The registration process should be as uncomplicated as possible, with minimum form filling to be done by the new users. Similarly, the login process should be easy too.

  1. Excellent user experiences

It is also essential for e-commerce apps to deliver excellent user experiences because you are not selling your products but crafting experiences. Seamless navigation and high speed, along with an eye-catching design and minimal checkout steps come together to elevate the user experience.

  1. Multiple and secure payment options

Payment is perhaps the trickiest phase in an e-commerce selling journey. This is where most customers are likely to abandon their carts as the app may not have the payment option preferred by them. Similarly, security may be another concern for them. The solution is to have multiple and secure payment options on the app.

  1. Push notifications

Push notifications are used to send repeated reminders to the users about the shopping offers and product launches on the e-store. Shopping apps require this feature for marketing purposes as repeated reminders are capable of driving conversions.

  1. Social media integration

Another feature your e-commerce app must have is social media integration. It enables users to register and login by using their social media accounts, which makes the process much easier. Moreover, it enhances the brand presence as users are encouraged to share the products and offers on their social profiles.

  1. Reviews and Ratings

An e-commerce app should also have the reviews and ratings feature so that the customers can share reviews of the products and shopping experience of the app. As a form of user-generated content, reviews and ratings by real-life shoppers add immense credibility to the brand and push the conversion rate too.

The requisite features of an e-commerce mobile application will always be the same, whether you are investing in mobile app development atlanta or any other state. There is a need to have complete knowledge of these features so that you can convey these requirements to the developer team. Communication is equally important as it enables the developers to comprehend your needs and also suggest the best options for you.