How to Choose an Effective Business Management Software for Your Wellness Center


Choosing software for your wellness center

It is clear that every business, especially providing services is unthinkable without good software, which allows its owners to run it effectively. What’s more, since the world is going mobile, it is desirable to support the automation of your business with a mobile app and a user-friendly and intuitive site enabling you to manage any operations online. It should be easy and fast to log in and use. Unfortunately, many sites are difficult to access, for example, mindbody login page, which makes it pretty difficult to work with.

A person who does not know the basics of programming, it may seem that it is almost impossible to choose the right software, without making mistakes several times. There are plenty of instances of unsuccessful experience in this issue. In fact, to make the right choice of software, the programmer’s knowledge is not at all necessary. The main thing is to define for yourself a chain of actions and sufficient criteria for selection.

First of all, you need to form a working group that will be responsible for the process of selecting, buying and installing software. It is necessary to include in it representatives of all involved departments.

Preparation stage

At the initial stage, you need to describe the business processes that are available in the company’s information system and identify areas that need automation. This allows you to imagine the scale of automation, taking into account your own needs. It is necessary to answer the following questions:


  • How will the training process be organized, who will use the system?
  • Will the future system be integrated with the current automated systems?
  • When was the new system used and when?
  • What budget is allocated for the purchase of the program, implementation and support, as well as for employee training?

Next, you need to define the requirements for the future software, among which:
list of necessary and desirable features of the system, performance and scalability of the system; a complete list of operations subject to automation, a complete list of input and output reporting forms; the desired flexibility in the system settings.


Select a software provider

Having the above information, you can proceed to the market research, that is, to compile a list of existing software for wellness centers for enterprises that are similar to yours in terms of the amount of information considered. At this stage, you can be guided by all sorts of information sources: colleagues’ recommendations, publications in printed publications, analytical reviews, advertising materials of development companies. Given the information received, it is necessary to build a rating of software products for such parameters:


  • cost of the proposed solution;
  • compliance with the requirements you formulated;
  • simplicity of the system in support and management;
  • the history of the company and its stability in the market.

It is necessary to determine the “separation point” and shorten your list to 2-4 supplier companies. Invite each of the selected suppliers to make a presentation of their product in the office of your company for the working group. Ask suppliers to list their customers and pay a visit to 2-3 companies from them.

You should also think about your clients and provide them with necessary software to manage their workouts and contact their trainers. Unlike clients mindbodyonline, which lacks comprehensive information about all range of products and services provided by the company, you should choose software, which will grant your clients with improved experience of using your software.
Concluding a contract

First of all, make sure that the contract establishes the obligation of the supplier for compliance with the deadline for the execution of work. It is necessary to supplement the supplier’s template contract with your terms, you can also bargain about the terms of payment.

As an appendix to the contract, add a license agreement, as well as a plan for implementing the system and a trial test plan that contains a description of both typical and atypical situations. Also it is necessary to agree the schedule of working meetings and control points.