Basic SEO Must-Dos for your blog


SEO by far does the most complex of all the things to make your blog presented well. It encompasses all the difficulties of digital marketing. It’s not just about the digital marketing; it is about taking your work seriously. An SEO gives quality to your content so that it can possess a good rank. So, to start with one has to see the basic things that an SEO must perform.

Having a good SEO for your site is very important. There are many SEO services in Gurgaon which can prove to give the best SEO service of India. Hiring a good SEO service erases the problem of the badly presented blog. Whether you’re writing content for your own website, you want the least errors to enhance your business.

So let’s get started with the must-Dos by an SEO to get the best out of an SEO service.

  • Content–Your content should be good because it is what your search engine will be going to read. It must possess a catchy title to attract potential readers. The title should be clear and appropriate according to the blog post. The content should be unique and should possess a minimum of 300+ words. You must also give a good description to your blog post so that readers get interested in reading more. This is the one of the most basic and important step to improve the ranking of your website.
  • Tags and Keywords– When you start adding tags and keywords to your post, try to pay a good attention while doing this. Appropriate tags and keywords are very important as this is the only thing that makes your post discoverable. Website ranking and visibility, both are highly dependent on tags and keywords.
  • Proper links – You should try to mention proper links in your blog. This makes the post more reliable. You must also try hyperlinking which further proves that the content is not rubbish. You try to give all the references at the end of your blog. This habit grabs the trust of the reader.
  • No grammatical errors – The reader loses the interest in your blog if your blog contains grammatical errors. Moreover, these types of blogs are automatically regarded as of having poor quality by the search engines.
  • The speed of the website – Slow loading web pages is usually turned down by users. It is very important to check the speed of your website regularly. Do not ever let the speed issue lose your readers.

These are some of the basic must-dos of an SEO. If you have already hired an SEO service or you are hoping to hire one, you must look out for these basics in order to seriously project your business through website and blogs. There are many other crucial duties also that a good SEO performs. These are -giving proper security to your website, solving all your website issues, generating optimum traffic into your website, helping you out by giving paid advertisement services, updating your web page regularly to increase traffic as well as discoverability of your website.