How do you select the best android developer


In the job hunting market, the aptitude and knowledge test is essential nowadays. When it comes to hiring a potential employee, an aptitude or technical test is an ideal solution. It is an important part of all the stages throughout the interview. As it is the test to analyse the logical skill of the candidate, screening of certain employee is easy as well.  It is no wonder that many potential candidates are looking out for the job vacancy and therefore many organizations use the pre-screening testing for the applicants from which they can reduce the number of participants who are taking part in that interview.

How should be the online test?

Aptitude test offers the company to make an excellent decision when it comes to hiring a candidate. Since the qualifications of every candidate seem to be the same, it is a bit hard to make the comparison of those candidates, and probably it is a headache for the company to choose the qualified student. This is where the online test came in handy. This test assesses some factors, which are essential regarding choosing the qualified candidate.

 An organization can easily estimate the skill of the particular candidate by using the aptitude test.  There are many types of aptitude test available however every test assists in reducing the hiring burden of the employer. These aptitude tests are prominent of any company especially the software company. Since there are thousands of engineering graduates are passed out every year, they always looking out for the best job opportunity to build their career.

 Being a software company, it’s hard to estimate the skills; hence the Android online test is specially designed to analyse the knowledge and expertise of the aspirants. From java programmer to Android developer to Linux administrator, this approach would be the best forever. When an organization needs to hire an android developer, there are certain things that they need to consider.

How can you select the best Android developer?

Based on the skill test, knowledge test, and ability test, you can choose the best android developer of your choice.

Skills Test:  These are easy and necessary task relating to the ordinary function of that work, such as data entry, keyboard typing speed and so on.

Knowledge test: These are specially designed to measure the awareness of that person. It is based on a particular topic that is relevant to the android to ensure the candidate possess the right knowledge.

Ability Test:  It is the basic test that measures the cognitive ability of aspirants. In fact, it is used to test if the candidates can perform well in the workplace scenarios. The employer might ask questions to explain the answers that they have written.

Personality Test: Last but not the least, candidate have to explain the personality test, which is probably most common in the interview process. From the personality test, you can measure the extroversion, agreeableness and emotional stability of the candidate. From using the above test process, you can select the one of your choice.