Why You Need To Insure Your Mobile Phone

mobile phone insurance

Owning a classy mobile phone such as Samsung Galaxy S7 is an exhilarating experience. A mobile phone is a very crucial tool in the current information age. It can be used not only for receiving calls and text messaging, but also for official purposes. Someone may even conduct a business transaction over the phone. That said, it is not just an ordinary gadget but also a gadget around which our lives revolve. However, as much as a user may like their phone, they run the risk of losing their beloved gadgets through theft, loss, or accidental damage. One simply can’t afford not to have it and that is why insuring your phone is not an option—it’s a must.

Types of Mobile Phones’ Insurance Covers

Phone insurance is the only way to ensure it is well taken care of. Even mobile phones can be insured. The following covers are available for a Samsung Galaxy S7:

  • Accidental damage cover- covers phone repair costs that are accrued when the phone is damaged as a result of an accident. Minor screen cracks are also covered.
  • Liquid damage cover- Covers repair for a mobile phone damaged due to full immersion in water or even splashes.
  • Theft cover- covers replacement of stolen gadget.
  • Breakdown cover- repairing the phone if it breaks down.
  • Loss cover (optional) – replacing the phone if it gets lost.
  • Unauthorised usage cover- when calls are made and data used, they are paid for up to 2500 euros.

mobile phone insurance

Reaping the Benefits

Insuring your phone has many advantages. One is there are unlimited claims a user can make as a result of any fault or theft. Interestingly, the insurance firms offer their customers a “no claims bonus” when they don’t claim anything during a certain period of time. That means whether a mobile phone get damaged or not, the customers stands to benefit from that arrangement. The award varies according to the number of years claims are not made.

The phone cover is also extended to the immediate family, and phone accessories are replaced if they are damaged, lost, or stolen at the same time as the gadget. In the case of cancellation or any changes that many come up, no administration charges are made and the cover is inclusive of an account where digital material from the phone can be stored. Even better, gadgets under six months old can also be insured. When a customer takes insurance cover for their phones, they are given a free month so that they pay premiums for 11 months instead doing it for a whole year.

The payment dates are flexible and the covers are pocket-friendly, with the accidental loss cover starting one Euro. The customer support is friendly and professional and UK-based.

You can never go wrong with insuring your phones. Mobile phones are very delicate and sooner or later you may get into trouble with your phones. Insuring the gadget will take a huge load off your back.