What’s faster: Wi-Fi or wired internet?

Many of us now work from home. Our daily lives have become more and more dependent on the internet, as online classes have replaced offline classes. Fast and stable Wi-Fi connections have therefore become a necessity in every home. Without the internet, it would be impossible for us to live our daily lives.

As a result of this increasing demand, several wireless broadband companies have sprung up, offering high speeds at affordable costs. If you are looking into getting a wireless internet connection, you may be wondering how fast wireless internet is compared to wired broadband? It is actually faster to have a wired broadband connection.

It is because of convenience and range, however, that most people choose wireless internet over wired ethernet. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing between wireless and wired networks:


The speed of wireless internet connections is much lower than that of wired networks. This is because data is transmitted through cables. Cable is used to connect devices, which is why the speeds are often greater than wireless broadband.

No unauthorised joining:

The speed of wired networks is also increased because unauthorised users cannot slow them down. Wired broadband connections can only be used by devices connected to the network. For this reason, office buildings use more wired connections than wireless ones.


Wired connections are no less secure than wireless connections when it comes to security. Firewalls prevent unauthorised users from accessing wired broadband networks when they are installed.

Reliable and stable:

Cable connections have the advantage of being extremely stable and reliable since they are connected through cables. It is for this reason that most office buildings choose wired broadband over wireless. There are no dead zones or problems with poor connectivity with wired connections.

However, we see that most people use Wi-Fi at home and in their offices. Wireless internet does not have the same disadvantages as wired Ethernet connections.

Mobility is the first reason people prefer wireless internet connections over wired broadband connections. You can be anywhere in the house and still be connected to the internet with Wi-Fi. With wired ethernet, you have to use cables, which can be limiting.

When it comes to wired broadband, installation is truly difficult. Each device must be wired to the router. When it comes to ethernet, setting up a firewall is also more challenging. This is one of the main reasons people choose wireless Wi-Fi.

Having wires everywhere is a significant factor that has contributed to Wi-Fi’s popularity over broadband ethernet connections.

When the network framework is large, wired networks require a server. A server must be maintained by IT professionals. Due to the high cost of all of this, only large companies can afford it and most people opt for a wireless internet connection that is cost-effective.

Given the pros and cons of wired and wireless networks, it is clear that wireless internet is more convenient and affordable. High-speed internet today is capable of speeds up to 1000 megabits per second. There will be enough data for everyone if the whole family is on one network. Wireless internet is therefore a more attractive option. For more information, click here.


3 reasons why you should use the internet to stay connected with the ever-evolving tech industry

Technology is inevitable, and you will find technology everywhere around you. It is universal and is required in every facet of your life. From your work, play, relaxation and other aspects of life, technology have revolutionized in a way that there is no looking back now. As long as the human race will grow, technology will keep on increasing. It has only got better and better over the years and will continue to advance in the same way.

This means that technology is not going to wait for you and if your company is not keeping you updated with it, then there are high chances that you will be left outmoded. Now, the question is how to do that? Well, there are many ways in which you can help yourself, but the internet is the best answer to all your questions.

You can find articles that interest you and read the ones that will be of help in the near future. First, decide what you want for yourself in the upcoming month and then dive into the topic of your interest. This article will state three reasons why you should use the internet to stay connected with the ever-evolving tech industry:

Read blogs and articles

You will find many articles and blogs/forums on the internet that are tech related and have technology questions and answers. These blogs are uploaded daily by different firms and companies, and you will never run out of online content. Using the internet is comfortable and convenient provided that a large number of people use smartphones these days. You can use your free time while traveling or eating lunch, or whenever you get a 10-15 minute break in the day and surf through the internet to find helpful articles. It does not matter if you are a job seeker or provider, keeping your skills up to date is essential. You can try looking into the newly emerging fields of IT sector and explore new areas and skills that you would want to learn.

Use social media

It is a misconception people have that social media is used only for entertainment purposes. Social media is a lot more than what it seems. You can follow specific hashtags on Twitter that is focused on tech industry and innovation. A number of YouTube channels are out there focusing on different topics like cameras, phones, cars, new hardware, etc. which is nothing but technical products in general. Taking out some time for scrolling through different social media apps can play a significant role in enhancing your knowledge. If you make it a point to keep up with the trends in the tech sector, you get the opportunity to be an early adopter.

You can be an innovator

Keeping up with the tech industry has its own benefits. You become an early adopter of certain technologies, which means you are aware of these technologies before anyone else is. This gives you a distinct advantage of taking over your competitor. It allows you to not only adopt the new technology but also offers ideas for innovation. If you are interested in a particular topic, you can research more about it on the internet, reading books and articles. You are just not adopting existing technology. You might actually innovate one.

It is a normal thing to be completely immersed in your day to day activity and forget to keep in touch with other things. But, to stay on top, it is essential for you to keep up with the changes and advancement in the ever involving tech industry.


Why You Should Take Password Security Seriously in 2018

As more online threats present themselves all over the world, it’s more important than ever to make sure your passwords are secure and difficult to figure out.

This is especially the case for businesses that hold sensitive information about employees or customers, in which case a security breach can be a PR disaster that ruins your reputation while leaving others vulnerable to identity theft or other forms of exploitation.

Here are some tips to help make sure your passwords are managed and safe from prying eyes.

Choose a Good Password That Only Makes Sense to You

It’s necessary to avoid using common passwords that are easy for anyone to remember. This includes sequential passwords such as “123456” and others that are easy to predict. A surprising number of people also tend to use simple passwords such as “password” and “qwerty” that any hacker can decipher.

Ideally, you should create passwords that are both memorable to you and longer, at least 16 characters in length.

You should also take care to create a unique password for each account, as hackers can easily break into other accounts if you use the same username, email, or password across multiple platforms.

One method for creating a good, strong password is to think of an image, number, and word that’s unique to you. You can then combine them into a single password that only you are likely to recall. You’ll be able to keep your account consistently secure with a unique password that others will struggle to decode.

Use a Password Manager

Password managers have become particularly popular to use if there are too many accounts to keep track of. Using a password vault, you can keep all of your passwords and other login info consolidated in a single platform that’s secure, while making it easy to access any of your accounts.

A good password will encrypt all data stored to maximize security, while maintaining user-friendliness.

Use 2-Factor Authentication

While creating a secure password and using a password manager can help keep your information secure, two-factor authentication is another way to enhance security across all of your accounts.

This will entail accessing accounts through another method beyond simply entering basic login info. This could include confirming your identity via mobile passcodes, emails, or other outlets that only you can access.

Otherwise, you’ll leave your information vulnerable to intruders if they gain access to login information. Two-factor authentication will make sure that those attempts are futile without your confirmation.

Taking these steps can help make sure your passwords are always secure, whether you’re using them to access an email or a business platform that holds sensitive client information.

You can never be too careful when it comes to password creation and storage, and as the number of threats increases, you’ll do well to take security seriously.


Things To Check When Hiring A Local UX Design Firm

User experience (UX) is redefining the success route of businesses in the virtual world. By providing the right user experience to your customers, you can help improve user satisfaction and, in turn, increase your conversion rates. But for that, you need to have an amazing UX for your website or mobile app. This is where a UX design firm steps into the picture. However, before you make a decision about engaging the services of a local UX design firm, you have to consider a few things first. Here are the things that you need to check when hiring a local UX design firm:

Analyze the quantitative and qualitative traits of the firm

You need to analyze the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the design firm before hiring them. An effective way to carry out your analysis is to use a framework. The framework must be developed to check ideation methodology, creative thought process, in-depth research, ability to utilize resources, etc. In other words, the framework should attach significance to different areas as per their position of necessity.

Examine the proposed methodology and technical know how

Most design firms will claim to be agile. But you need to analyze the method they follow to implement their ideas in a stable manner. If you are examining more than one design firm, compare and evaluate them on the basis of fulfilling the conditions of the framework. The design firm that scores maximum points in respect of the framework provided by you will be better suited to handle the UX design works of your business. But do not forget to examine the research methodology of the firm as well.

Assess the technical compatibility

Before you hire a local UX design firm, assess their technical know-how. Sometimes it is seen that UX design firms are engaged in providing service to periodic publications. As such, they are not much aware of the technical aspects that are common to development companies. To be sure that the firm you are considering to hire will be able to do full justice to your requirements, be sure of their technical compatibility right from the very beginning.

Evaluate the project performance plan

The performance plan must have a repetitive presence in each phase. You also need to be sure whether enough support is extended by the partnering firm. UX Design is a continuous procedure. So, you need a design firm that will agree to get involved in different stages of the product life-cycle. Also, you need to keep in mind the aspect of time-to-market. If the design firm is not able to deliver the desired results within the time frame, you may lose out on the advantage of marketing the product at the right time.

Pay attention to references

Check the past work done by the design firm to determine if they have enough experience and expertise to handle your work. Also, see whether they can provide testimonials or references from the past clients. This will help you to have a better understanding of how efficiently the firm works and how satisfied the past clients were with their work.


Be future proof with skillshare

Humans are gifted with beautiful minds which can imagine, think and put in practice. Art is another gift that creative human minds can produce using its artistic skills. We have so many forms of arts and if we look back into ancient times drawing, painting and sculpting have found to be very old artwork forms. One of the oldest forms of of art which was recorded (documented) is visual arts. Today all the fields that falls under visual art work category are also incorporated as career electives in education system and people who master the skills in any of the visual art forms are of great demand. Learning things and mastering them is not meant for only few, it is all about sharing. Here are world class professionals in Designing, photography, writing, technology and business etc who are sharing their skills and knowledge through which is a global online community.

Online learning platform

Skillshare is a online platform which is created for the learners to enhance their skills to give the best in career. Thousands of online classes are given by expert tutors who have years of experience in the particular fields. These online classes are delivered through Lectures and videos and recorded and uploaded online. One can get access to the classes from anywhere in the world at anytime. Just that you have good internet connection you can take the classes at your convenience.

Being recognized as a cloud computing model, it usually saves data which is in digital form that is accessed directly through online and saves permanently especially in remote servers. This is the reason why these service providers are in short states that the data storage takes place in a remotely designed file storage servers with a specified bandwidth. Hence the utilization of cloud storages will be somewhat beneficial and besides that entitled with same sequence of drawbacks. But people most preferably use Google drive as an effective storage device.

Why join skillshare?

Joining as a member of skillshare community is very advantageous as it has many striking features. Skillshare launched its free android app so that you have easy access to the classes. Learners can take the class offline by downloading the session and save it for future reference. Anyone who wanted to sign in can avail the opportunity of one month free learning offered by premium membership. Key-feature of this learning platform is teaching and freelancing where tutoring is more interactive type rather than just lecturing. Learners can customize the classes according to their own interest for learning the skills and become expertise. Other advantages in skillshare community include connecting and sharing your views with other students in the community, hands-on practice sessions, and projects for each lesson, student internships, free classes and many more.


How Hosting Can Affect your Website Page Load Speed

The website loading speed matters a lot! No one would like to spend time waiting for a site to load and spin at its speed. A fast loading web page performs well on all aspects:good user experience, higher conversion and more engagement. Importantly, Google has added the page load speed factors to take into consideration to its ranking algorithms and it has turned out a buzz in SEO world.

This algorithm of Google has been around since very long, yet there are many inaccurate and incomplete information related to page load speed. However, many experts think that in a Web hosting the page load speed is the most neglected aspect.

Here let’s take a look at what is the Impact of Web Hosting on Web Page LoadingSpeed:

In this technology world, the benefits of improving page load speed are often overstated, although there are some advantages on speeding up your web pages.

  • User Experience [UX]

The page load speed impacts on users experience are much more than compared to Google ranking. Experts research has been documented the effects on user experience and this has shown that slow load speed leads to decreased rates of conversion, particularly in the e-commerce websites.The improvement in the rate of conversion is essential for some big e-retailers, but websites with low traffic might experience worthless to small monetary benefits.

  • Search Engine Optimisation [SEO]

A Web page loading speed can affect your site ranking in Google to a great range as stated in recent ranking algorithm update. Google says that a page speed will be an essential ranking factor in terms of indexing and ranking. For the search engines, better performance and results is a mark of a healthy website that pleases visitors and hence must be rewarded with the higher ranking.(In case if don’t know much about the SEO, read the basics at

What Makes Web Hosting an Essential Factor?

When any user browses a website and tries to load a web page, certainly she/he is accessing files and running programs from a remote web server (computer).If the web server is fast enough then the page that you are accessing will load quickly. The remote computer usually performs the three main tasks: serve files, run database queries and execute code.

Few Elements in Hosting Packages that Impact on Speed

How will you choose the hosting package that will help in improving the loading speed of your website? Factors that are contributed to the fast hosting package are similar to one that makes computer to run faster.

  • Fast Hard Drive: If matched to a standard hard disc, a compact state drive is capable of quick file loading, therefore leading to faster performance.
  • Dedicated Resources: One of the most significant factor to be considered while choosing a hosting package as it can prevent other websites from consuming your website’s resources like processor and memory. Hence, opting for a dedicated or Linux Cloud VPS Server rather than picking a shared plan, may have a huge impact on loading speed.
  • Local Resources:Running resources on a web server can directly improve performance despite having them on the different server with a shared hosting.
  • More Resources: More processing power and memory signifies that your server is able to perform requests faster. Considerably the dedicated server will offer more resources.

To What Limit can a Fast Hosting Improves the Page Load Speed?

Upgrading to your hosting plan will considerably have a positive impact on site’s page load speed, mainly for the resource demanding websites.However, there will be less impact if your website resource demand is smaller, or is already at relatively fast hosting.Upgrade to your web hosting package also heads to increase speed in the case if your website loads slowly because of numerous users are browsing the website at the same time.

If you try to optimize your site to improve its loading speed, then code optimization is not the only solution. Always try to cross-check your hosting package whether it requires an upgrade for more enhance performance.

Using a Content Distribution Network [CDN] service can also be helpful in speeding up any e-commerce sites and websites with heavy images and high graphics, which can otherwise hamper the load time and performance.

Author Bio:

Article by – Shweta. S : I am a professional working in a web hosting business and I wanted to share my views on Web Hosting. If you are interested in knowing more about hosting then visit: Dedicated Server Price in India.


Build A Strong Online Presence With Magento Enterprise

In today’s digitalised society, having an online presence is of paramount importance for any customer base business offering its professional services and consumer products. In the last one decade or so, there has been thick mushrooming of eCommerce sites selling the widest variety of goods.

By taking a plunge into the online world, a business can explore an extensive targeted audience, since, in the recent years, people shop online, from anything to everything. Like, right from daily grocery needs, clothing, to electronic goods. The thing about online shopping is that you shop 24*7, from the comfort of your home or office, and even during the odd hours of the day.

If you considering to set up an eCommerce store, then, Magento enterprise development to script an online success story. Since, it comes with a length of perks, starting from the fact it is one of the most cost-effective platforms, SEO friendly, easy checkout, to never before customer experiences.

SEO Friendly

One of the single biggest reasons for the explosive popularity of the Magento enterprise development is that it is SEO friendly, means, your E-Commerce store will capture higher rankings on top search engine result pages of the top search engine, such as the Google, the Bing. In today’s times, just by starting an online store, you can’t expect massive sales, in quicktime. Therefore, investing your time and money in search engine optimisation strategies is quite fundamental, otherwise, for several years, you need to wait for your website to gain traffic.


Depending upon your constrain budget, you can create an ecommerce store, making it cost effective. The ‘Magento Go’ edition is perfect for small businesses, whereas, the Magento enterprise development is best for medium and large size industry. When it comes to themes and plugin, Magento is unparalleled, every business can enjoy same flexibility within their tight budget. Plus, every business has something exclusive.

Easy Cart

Compared to other e-commerce platforms, the Magento performs high on the easy cart front, means the user can easily follow the step by step process to checkout and make a payment easily, without any hitch. Even, if you are a technically challenged flock, you can obtain easy user experiences. The Magento platform offers fifty payment gateways, you can integrate one with your online store, as per your bespoke needs and requirements.

Multiple Store Management

One biggest benefit of the Magento platform is that it offers businesses to set up multiple online stores. You can manage all your stores without much difficulty, and utter convenience. Earlier managing more than one store, the administrating store was inconvenient and cumbersome. With, Magento stores, each can have an exclusive product catalogue. You can manage your online shop 24*7, stress-free, and have several advantages.

Wrapping up, from three above, the Magento platform, is perfect for your online store. It can a series of benefits, coder friendly, mobile optimisation, easy reporting, no geographical location issues, order management, additional components, open source, and much more.


Link Mobile Number to Aadhar Card: The ONLINE Process

Aadhaar is currently the largest ID system in the world today. It is a unique identification number of 12 digits. Aadhaar card number is quite similar to the Social Security System of the United States of America. Every card number is unique which is needed for welfare services in the future. The enrollment is very easy and for free. The enrollment process will be composed of the gathering of demographic and biometric data. These data will be used by the government to have a common database of the information for all the population of India.

Recently, there has been a mandate from the Supreme Court of India where all Indian residents are required to link their Aadhaar card with their mobile number. There has been a text message sent to all mobile network subscribers who are over 18 years of age, encouraging them to complete the enrollment process before the due date which is February of 2018.

What are the Documents Required?

To link your Aadhaar card with your mobile number, there are important information and documents that you need to have with you. All of these are required no matter how you complete the process. It may be through your mobile network’s store, through the UIDAI Aadhaar website, or you can also do it offline. This information will be needed for you to complete the enrollment of your mobile number with your Aadhaar card.

  • Aadhaar card copy
  • Mobile Number or sim card
  • Your sim card must be inserted into a working device
  • OTP will be sent through your mobile number
  • Fingerprint for Biometric verification

The Easy Way to Link Your Aadhaar Card and Mobile Number Online.

Nowadays, people do almost everything through the internet. This is easy and convenient for most internet savvy people. In linking your Aadhaar card with your mobile number, this can now be done through the UIDAI website. If you go online, there are aadhar card mobile number registration online link where for easy access. You just have to follow the instructions online to complete the process.

Here’s an overview of the simple steps in linking your Aadhaar card with your mobile number.

You can visit the UIDAI Aadhaar website where you would need to put in your 12-digit Aadhaar card number. There will be a Captcha or Text that you would need to enter for the system to send you the needed OTP. Once entered, you will receive a text message containing your OTP. When you go to the next page, you will put in your mobile number to complete the enrollment procedure. Once completed, you will instantly get a text message notification on your mobile number confirming the completion of the process.

Everyone who resides in India is required to link their Aadhaar card with their mobile number. Nobody is exempted. If you have not completed yours, you need to do it as soon as possible before the due date ends. Failure to do so will result in paying fines and penalties which would be a great hassle in the future.


Reasons you should outsource SEO Services

Most of the companies have a limited budget that is allocated towards the spending of SEO services. You can either go for in-house training or outsource the same; depending on your budget. Even though in-house training might seem like the better option as it is cheaper, but it is better to go for outsourcing SEO services as they provide you with more value for your money. Cost shouldn’t be the sole driving factor when it comes to SEO. Even if you go for in-house training, you’d either have to train your existing employees or hire new personnel that is skilled enough to carry out the necessary tasks. Go for a good SEO company in India.

as will definitely help your company reach the heights that you want it to. SEO isn’t a job for amateurs. You need professionals that know how to get work done efficiently with optimal utilization of resources. Amateurs aren’t able to work as efficiently as professionals which often leads to wastage of resources and time. If you want to get your money’s worth, go for a specialist who knows how to work with the latest tools and technologies. Having the mere knowledge about SEO doesn’t cut it, you need to have the necessary professional experience to be able to make use of that knowledge out there in the field. SEO is of dynamic nature, it is hardly ever still.

The more you work on your SEO, the better results you get. There is no point of having amazing content on your website if people aren’t able to reach it. You don’t need just any audience, you want an increase in the reach of your target audience. The better your rankings get, the more audience you attract and the more your confidence builds.

Also, once you have a certain specific budget allocated for this particular task, you can allocate the rest of the funds accordingly for other important functions. Also, when you don’t have to focus on training your employees yourself you can go ahead and focus that attention on other departments that require your input. You can focus on the areas of your company that are lacking and help bring them up to par. The more your company grows and expands, the more your need for SEO increases. You cannot stop carrying out SEO activities after a stage of time, it is a continuous process that keeps on making your company’s status and repute better.

When you rank better, your business prospects increase and you get ample new opportunities to showcase your talents. Though you need to have the right kind of skills and tools if you want to shine over the other competitors out there. Everyone is trying to gain the advantage of SEO over the other companies in the market, so are you sure that by not outsourcing SEO services you will be able to win? Surviving out there isn’t enough in today’s date, you need to do your maximum so that you are able to gain an edge over the others. A good SEO company in India will provide you with the much needed outsider’s perspective. It happens many a times that you are unable to look at the mistakes in plain sight because of which your company suffers. By gaining an outsider’s view on your company and its workings you are able to find out the mistakes that can hamper your growth. SEO can be the driving force behind your company’s success. By widening your reach to an increased number of potential clients, you seal your spot on the path of success. So what are you waiting for? Go for a good SEO company that will take care of all your necessary activities so that you can focus your attention elsewhere.


How To Improve The Look Of Your Blog

The design and overall attractiveness of your blog could have a major impact on its success. When a blog looks sleek and professional, people will be far more likely to stick around and read what you have to say. If it’s messy or difficult to read, there’s no way you’ll be able to build a substantial audience, regardless of how great your content may be. Follow these tips to ensure your blog looks its best.

  1. Consult the experts. Many people start a blog because they love to write, but don’t necessarily have the necessary skills required to build and design their own website. This is where professional support can come in handy, particularly if you’re planning to monetise your blog in the future. An experienced Web Development Company will be able to ensure that your blog is functional, professional, and easy on the eye.
  2. Get rid of unnecessary widgets. Social media widgets are a great tool for expanding your audience and building a following across various platforms, but they can cause unnecessary mess if you’re allowing them to clutter up your website. Get rid of any widgets that link to platforms you don’t actually use, and stick with links that serve a purpose.
  3. Be careful with colours. Colours can draw the eye to important areas of your blog and create a fun, creative appearance. They can also make your blog look unprofessional if used incorrectly. Avoid garish shades and clashing colours, and remember to leave a decent amount of white space on your page. White space draws attention to your content and will make your blog appear more sophisticated and less cluttered.
  4. Use ads wisely. Successful bloggers often end up incorporating ads into their website in order to monetise the page. Be careful with the design of the ads themselves – they should fit in with the rest of your website and provide a seamless viewing experience, rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. Make sure your percentage of content balances out the number of ads on the page, and that the ads are not overly distracting or obnoxious.
  5. Make navigation simple. An attractive navigation bar at the top of your blog will make the reader’s overall user experience far more positive. The navigation features should be simple, easy to use, and should take the reader to anywhere they want to go. A carefully placed search bar can also be very useful if you have plenty of content.
  6. Choose uniform images. The images you incorporate into your blog content could make or break a post. Each image should be selected and sized carefully to ensure that they’re uniform – otherwise they’re bound to look out of place. If you struggle to edit images yourself, get a designer to help you out or play around with Photoshop until you feel comfortable.
  7. Prioritise mobile. Mobile functionality is absolutely essential for any blog owner in 2017. Most of your readers will be viewing your website from their phone, so it’s important that your site looks just as great from a small screen as it does on a large one. Make sure your hosting allows for proper mobile functionality, and check your site from your phone on a regular basis to assess its appearance.