What Does It Take to Make Awesome YouTube Videos?


In this modern age, where technology is rapidly growing and improving, there are many different venues that can be used to reach a wide variety of visitors. One of these venues is YouTube, a platform that is widely used across the world. Over two-hundred videos are uploaded to the platform every minute, and these range from ads and reviews to news stories. While a YouTube video can be an excellent way to share a message with a broader audience, there are some ways to make sure that the videos put forward are top-quality. With that in mind, here are five ways to make awesome YouTube videos, from cameras to sound quality.


While easy to overlook, lighting plays a key role in creating awesome content.  Having an ill-lit video can be unpleasant for people to watch. If a specific channel gets a reputation for having poorly lit videos, viewers will be less likely to choose them. Good lighting helps the content and speaker step away from their background, showing up even more clearly than before. A well-lit video is usually more pleasant to look at as well.


When it is time to put the entire video together, the editing process is crucial. This allows the creator to remove any places where they stumbled over their words or the camera fell over, giving the entire video a more cohesive feeling to it.

Sound Quality

Some argue that the most important part of an awesome video is having clear and quality sound. If the video is the creator talking, it is imperative to remove any extra sounds that might be distracting. The other issue that can result from poor sound quality is the viewer being unable to hear and understand the content they are listening to. If the video is highlighting a specific sound, like a recent video from Black Smoke Media that highlights the sound made by a set of stacks, having clear sound is critical.

Correct Camera

To maintain quality video and sound, it is important to use the correct camera. No matter how awesome the message and content of a YouTube video is if consumers cannot see it or understand it, it is not as awesome as it could be. Some cell phones and computers have excellent cameras, though many YouTubers have a specific camera that they use for recording.


Having a specific message is a critical part of having an awesome YouTube video. By having a clear-cut purpose for the video, the viewers will have an idea of what they are getting into. No one wants to start watching a video, only to have the topic suddenly shift away from what they were expecting. Because so many people view videos on YouTube each day, this helps a video stand out from others.

Creating an awesome YouTube video is a combination of several different factors. While the content is important, it is also crucial to remember to consider lighting, editing, and sound quality. With all these factors working together, a YouTube video can be truly awesome, drawing more people in.