How Hosting Can Affect your Website Page Load Speed


The website loading speed matters a lot! No one would like to spend time waiting for a site to load and spin at its speed. A fast loading web page performs well on all aspects:good user experience, higher conversion and more engagement. Importantly, Google has added the page load speed factors to take into consideration to its ranking algorithms and it has turned out a buzz in SEO world.

This algorithm of Google has been around since very long, yet there are many inaccurate and incomplete information related to page load speed. However, many experts think that in a Web hosting the page load speed is the most neglected aspect.

Here let’s take a look at what is the Impact of Web Hosting on Web Page LoadingSpeed:

In this technology world, the benefits of improving page load speed are often overstated, although there are some advantages on speeding up your web pages.

  • User Experience [UX]

The page load speed impacts on users experience are much more than compared to Google ranking. Experts research has been documented the effects on user experience and this has shown that slow load speed leads to decreased rates of conversion, particularly in the e-commerce websites.The improvement in the rate of conversion is essential for some big e-retailers, but websites with low traffic might experience worthless to small monetary benefits.

  • Search Engine Optimisation [SEO]

A Web page loading speed can affect your site ranking in Google to a great range as stated in recent ranking algorithm update. Google says that a page speed will be an essential ranking factor in terms of indexing and ranking. For the search engines, better performance and results is a mark of a healthy website that pleases visitors and hence must be rewarded with the higher ranking.(In case if don’t know much about the SEO, read the basics at

What Makes Web Hosting an Essential Factor?

When any user browses a website and tries to load a web page, certainly she/he is accessing files and running programs from a remote web server (computer).If the web server is fast enough then the page that you are accessing will load quickly. The remote computer usually performs the three main tasks: serve files, run database queries and execute code.

Few Elements in Hosting Packages that Impact on Speed

How will you choose the hosting package that will help in improving the loading speed of your website? Factors that are contributed to the fast hosting package are similar to one that makes computer to run faster.

  • Fast Hard Drive: If matched to a standard hard disc, a compact state drive is capable of quick file loading, therefore leading to faster performance.
  • Dedicated Resources: One of the most significant factor to be considered while choosing a hosting package as it can prevent other websites from consuming your website’s resources like processor and memory. Hence, opting for a dedicated or Linux Cloud VPS Server rather than picking a shared plan, may have a huge impact on loading speed.
  • Local Resources:Running resources on a web server can directly improve performance despite having them on the different server with a shared hosting.
  • More Resources: More processing power and memory signifies that your server is able to perform requests faster. Considerably the dedicated server will offer more resources.

To What Limit can a Fast Hosting Improves the Page Load Speed?

Upgrading to your hosting plan will considerably have a positive impact on site’s page load speed, mainly for the resource demanding websites.However, there will be less impact if your website resource demand is smaller, or is already at relatively fast hosting.Upgrade to your web hosting package also heads to increase speed in the case if your website loads slowly because of numerous users are browsing the website at the same time.

If you try to optimize your site to improve its loading speed, then code optimization is not the only solution. Always try to cross-check your hosting package whether it requires an upgrade for more enhance performance.

Using a Content Distribution Network [CDN] service can also be helpful in speeding up any e-commerce sites and websites with heavy images and high graphics, which can otherwise hamper the load time and performance.

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