IBM High Availability As A Service


Since the globe went digital, organizations with time became overly dependent on their IT systems. This has become the norm so much so that without these systems enterprises are almost non-existent. IT systems like any other man made development is prone to failure due to reasons revolving around natural and manmade disasters.

What is a disaster?

A disaster is an unfortunate event whose occurrence causes lots of disruptions that external assistance is required to stabilize the situation. There are two major types of disasters;

  • Natural disasters- these disasters are caused by natural phenomena such as earthquakes, floods, tsunami, avalanche, hurricane and typhoons. Such happenings cannot be prevented but organizations can prepare earlier on what to do when it occurs for instance, they can source for IBM high availability as a service.
  • Manmade disasters- these include infrastructural failure, bioterrorism, viruses and IT bugging. For these events prevention can be achieved through efficient security services, backing up data and surveillance. In cases where prevention is not achievable then efforts should be turned to mitigation measures.

Measures of conducting disaster recovery

The measures of conducting disaster recovery include:

  • Preventive- this involves absolute barring a disaster from taking place
  • Detective- this could be done through monitoring to detect any issue as early as possible
  • Corrective- for mishaps that have already happened, then only corrective or restoration measures can be done.

Benefits of IBM high availability as a service

It is also known as IBM HaaS and has a number of services:

Expert advice

IBM HAaaS benefits users with expert advice which gives them guidance on which disaster recovery service is required for their specific need. For large facilities needs are quite different from that of smaller ones. Complexity of an institution will also need insight from the professionals on which service to settle for.

Better recovery

Similar to insurance, IBM High Availability as a Service makes recovery much easier because critical data is stored off-site. These precious applications, data and systems are easily retrieved when the emergency phase has passed.

Disaster management

Whichever threat that may face your organization, be it system failure, floods or virus attack, the service has the ability to contain it. Threats are addressed and business continuity is enabled. The service therefore promotes resiliency.

Operational availability is improved

IBM HAaas promotes improved operational availability. At IBM critical data storage facilities are in diverse regions which also promote resilience. If data is lost, a copy is always available as applications are continually conducted all that is required is to make the request.

Technical know-how

This service has well developed structures, tools and techniques to suit the users’ needs. You are able to get customized availability services based on your specifications. Therefore, you are able to backup whichever file you need whether single or large depending on their needs.

Cost containment

IBM High Availability as a Service is flexible in cost options. Consumers can chose which assets to secure and which ones to leave out if affordability is an issue. For those who are comfortable with the budget of getting all assets protected, it can also be done.

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