6 Shocking Innovations Smartwatches Will Soon Be Able To Offer


Here’s the obvious fact. Smartwatches are becoming better and better every day and soon they will become more advanced and more useful. At the moment, we have smartwatches that offer a lot of features but they are still dependable of the smartphones. In the near future, even your new best cheap smartwatch will be an advanced piece of technology that can replace a need for a smartphone. Let’s see which new technologies will soon be implemented into smartwatches.

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  1. They will be able to use their own apps

As you may know, almost all smartwatches are dependable on the smartphones and they use similar apps or they simply provide notifications for the apps installed on your smartphone. In the future, a cheap smartwatch will be able to use special apps that were developed for that unit precisely.

This is a trend we can see rise right now. Android Wear and WatchOS are the leaders in this field. New smartwatches have additional sensors and systems that allow for them to be paired with a more demanding app. For instance, in the near future, your smartwatch will be able to use Whatsapp without a need to be connected to a smartphone or to provide you with a full fitness guide.

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  1. Smartwatches will become free of smartphones

Although this is similar to the first section, there are a few differences. In this section, we simply add that smartwatches will be able to be used without a smartphone. It means that you can make calls, send messages, post on social media and so much more without having to carry your smartphone.

Probably the leader in this field is Apple who is investing a huge effort and money into making their iWatches be capable of replacing iPhones. Yes, here will be implemented so many other systems that allow this kind of use.

  1. They will become intelligent

Of course, we are not referring to artificial intelligence, although it is obvious in the future. We simply mean that new smartwatches will use the intelligent software. It already exists, like Siri, Cortana and etc. and smartwatches are probably the best gadgets that should use this kind of software.

All of this means that you will simply tell your smartwatch what you need to be done and it will do it for you. There won’t be a need to use buttons or touchscreens anymore.

  1. Powerful integrations

At the moment we can see that payment possibilities have been integrated into the smartwatches. In the future, we will see this trend rise to the sky. You already can pay using a smartwatch, which is actually an advanced feature which is more and more used by the users.

But, soon you will be able to integrate your smartwatch to your home and a car. You will be able to control the lights, thermostat, car lights, turn on and off the engine and even tell a car come to your destination. All of that from a device on your wrist.

  1. They will detect health problems

Due to the fact smartphones never were designed to be located on the human skin, they were unable to provide this feature. Smartwatches are directly located on the wrist, meaning that they are in contact with your skin. This will allow even for best cheap smartwatch to follow your health.

If it is needed, a smartwatch will direct you to a hospital or call 911. A doctor will sync with the smartwatch to obtain all the parameters of your body and health. In other words, a smartwatch will keep you healthy and detect problems before a doctor.

  1. New sensors arrive

With the help of new sensors, you will be able to track so much more. For instance, you will be able to keep track of your golf swing. You will get a detailed report regarding the power, angle and how to improve it.

Of course, these sensors will literally be able to track everything starting from your movement and even bacteria in your body or sense a threat close to you. We all would like to own a smartwatch like that and luckily, soon we will be abet to get one.


Maybe smartwatches are still simple and basic at the moment, but soon all of that is going to change. The best cheap smartwatch of the next generation will replace a smartphone, keep you healthy, safe and entertained longer than ever. And yes, the new models will have batteries that last for weeks.