A Short Guide to Hackathons


In this era of revolution in the field of business and trading, the computer is one such device that cannot be afforded to be ignored. At various levels, one may require different types of programs and software that can help him to carry out various processes and perform different tasks. For this purpose only there are programmers who can develop different types of programs. A Hackathons can be said to be a gathering where programmers collectively code within an incredible manner just in a short span of time. Hackathons make as a minimum some days, or it may be more than a weekend, and usually not exceeding a week. While working on a specific project, the notion is for every developer to possess the capability and liberty to work on anything at all. A Hackathon is as well referred to as a hack day or hack-fest.

Elaborating a Hackathon

At first, the term Hackathon has its roots embedded in the word Marathon – an extended or thorny activity within a short span–and Hack here implied as exploratory programming.

Of course, at the time of a Hackathon, you use up a short span of time, normally amid 24 to 48 hrs or it can go on for a week, producing, shaping up, and delivering a product. The notion is to collectively code in a great manner, to begin from the beginning and finish with a working model. It is frequently a kind of competition, in which groups of programmers, project managers, designers, and developers unite to shape up and design a fine product, more likely a software project.

Initially, it began in an open source community and at present is exceptionally widespread amid programmers. You are in a position to come across all kinds of Hackathons; several are planned for educational purposes, other for social, while as othershappen to craft software fundamentally. Very frequently, businesses utilize it as an opportunity to come by creative concepts put forth by employees, some kind of prototype which may be low-priced in the end.

At the time of those events, people come together to encounter various real-life issues. You will come across Hackathons who tend to have a theme allocated, and you find other ones in which you come across no themes & you hence pitch concepts and construct on that. It makes a good possibility to bring together a huge number of people to deal with jointly a similar issue and observe the way notions and outcomes flow.

The structure relating to a Hackathon

It normally all begins with an introduction regarding the event – concerning the subject in case there happens to be one- and afterwards comes an onset wherein participants shall pitch notions and shape up teams founded on interests and particular talents.

As stated above, a hackathon may go on for 24 hrs. but may extend up to one week. Hence, surely, for short Hackathons, you will find extra pressure. Giving a boost to that competition, better remember the days spent at university. Only work, have tea or coffee or a rapid bite, drinkbeverages, sleep only 3-4 hours, work hard, and more. That is how your exams are.

Subsequent to work being finished, teams will display their products to different teams. It cannot take place at all times, but very frequently, there may be a jury that shall be examining the demonstration of products and they will be in the capacity to pick a winning team that shall be awarded. Maybe you are not still convinced to take part in a Hackathon. Here are some advantages it has got:

Draws of Hackathon

Meet up new people

It makes a grand chance to come together and know others who possess similar interests just like you and who are concerned with similar technologies. Fundamentally, it happens to be a site wherein you cash the opportunity to work and team up on projects with people who think like you. You can as well forge new relationships, networking and connections because a Hackathon is certainly an appropriate place for that. You can also participate in the online Hackathons that is the new idea for developers.

Team collaboration

You can find yourself in such a situation wherein you work acutely with all those new people you come across, for a lot of consecutive hours within a short span of time, making everything very intense. Every person is working with a similar goal in mind. You very frequently forge strong ties, take a lesson from other’s plus points and learn the way to perform in a team that you are not acquainted with until now and have never teamed up with them before, where better communication skills make a key.

Add worth to your CV

This can make a grand addition to your CV. You are in a position to obtain some genuine tech know-how, and you are capable of winning prizes. People belonging to the field are aware that at the time of a Hackathon you enhance your awareness and enjoy team-work experience.It reveals a lot regarding your personality, a testimony that you are an individual who takes the initiative, looking for profound knowledge and who takes pleasure in challenges.


Problem cracking environs promote the development of novel concepts. You work in association with people who belong to various fields, with varied interest and notions, all joining hands to crack the similar problem, everyone putting in his effort. The reality that you are limited with time as well boosts adrenaline and renders it very much fruitful.

Employer branding

In case you sponsor the event in the workspace, people having skill in the industry may be capable of knowing the company and can as well meet your staff, rendering it easy for them to notice the way your team functions and the talents they possess.

You can as well hire potential contenders for your company since it may be possible to identify new talent. At the time of the interview, you cannot get a chance to see such work.