Secrets of Successful SEO Articles


SEO blogs and articles are an inevitable part of any digital campaign, social media management or online PR services. Every company irrelevant of its size and influence write hundreds of SEO articles in a year and sometimes in a month.

Although every single one of them helps drive traffic and potential customers into the website, there are some secrets or key points that set some of them superior to the rest.

The easiest way to attract potential customers while maintaining the existing set is by posting fresh content every day in your sites. Using a maximum number of randomly chosen keywords can simply never fill your required quota from SEO. The results may take time in almost all cases but it does come if done right.

Keep The Keyword Search ON

When you take the time to post quality content on your website, might as well do it in a way Google takes notice of your effort and makes a difference in the ranking of the website in the search results.

Taking the time to research and find out which keywords and phrases are more popular among the stakeholders is integral to keep your strategy at the top rung of the ladder.

Using a spreadsheet to track your usage of keywords can also aid in improving the usage of the keywords. Using the right tools is also integral to track the ranking for the keywords.

Putting The Keywords To Work

Forcing the target keywords into spaces where it is not so necessary won’t really help in taking your results high up into the sky. Sometimes placing the keywords in a forceful or jumbled manner can also hurt your campaign.

As with every SEO strategy, practicality is the king here as well. The target keyword should be inculcated into the first 300 words of the article and then should be used only in the form of variants throughout the article.

Adam White, the founder of SEOJet, explains in the article found here ( that for proper SEO, the majority of backlinks pointing to your site should not contain any key phrases in the anchor text. This is an added point to note while placing key phrases and anchor text.

Additionally, the placement of the keyword should occur naturally and not accompanied by a struggle. If you feel like the content does not make sense, it is a red alert that you have gone too far into the vague matter that would not help the campaign. The opinion and perspective of the stakeholders should be the prime concern while scripting an article with keywords in an SEO campaign.

Writing Relevant Topics

Before commencing an article, it is important that you run the thought in your head as to whom it may be of concern. Sometimes articles are filled with irrelevant content with no thread or strategy behind it, causing actual readers to simply skip through the article without a care. Always have an aim in mind and a target to where the article is headed.

Adding something unique such as versatile services of quick and helpful quirks of knowledge can help a lot.

Understand The Basic Technical Side Of SEO

Indexing of the site is the primary concern as, without it, no amount of keyword searches can achieve the result you desire. Understanding the basics of SEO and how it works can aid a lot to make a productive article which is bound to be successful.

Understanding how search engines work and rank pages can help you understand what kind of a strategy is required and will also help you structure a blog more efficiently.

Making The Article Sufficiently Long

The working of search engines is in a way that they give automated preference to longer blogs and articles which are at least more than 600 words. A range of 600 words to 1000 can be called an article that counts to make a difference in the search results.

Statistics also show how certain search engines favor content that exceeds 2000 words over other articles. The longer the content you script in an SEO article in an organized manner, the higher the chance is to reach and draw more potential readers and customers.

Keeping Track Of Analytics

An integral follow up to do after posting an SEO article is to regularly monitor the content using Google analytics. The time on site, bounce rate and pages per session can contribute to important bits of information according to successful SEO writers.

Editing And Proofreading

An eye for self-editing is often the key difference between regular people and successful SEO scripters. Using a program such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word can help you get rid of errors in composition or grammar. Having aesthetic grammar can be of equal importance as much as being free of grammatical errors. Having a specifically appointed person to proofread can also help spot mistakes easily.