Record Amouranth Broadcasts: What Do You Need to Know About Her Sleep Streams

Sleep Streams

Every one of us has dreamt of earning money without getting out of bed. Well, this dream has transformed into reality for streamer Amouranth. Sleep streams are record Amouranth broadcasts that help the streamer earn a steady income. Get into this article to discover more information about the famous sleep streams of Amouranth.

The Revenue from Amouranth’s Sleep Streams

Kaitlyn Siragusa, aka Amouranth, earns up to $15,000 per stream. When she was invited as a guest on a famous podcast, Kaitlyn admitted that it’s challenging for her to quantify her earnings from these streams.

If she only considers her Twitch revenue, she gets a few thousand dollars every time fans watch her sleep. With OnlyFans coming into play, the number easily goes up by another 10 to 15 thousand dollars.

Her sleep streams are also a huge attraction on the NSFW platform. Amouranth ends up earning signups on the channel with her sleep streams.

The Idea Behind Her Sleep Streams

The record Amouranth broadcasts of her sleeping is primarily sexual in nature. But one thing about the sleep streams is that she never wakes up. Irrespective of what is happening in the chat section of her streams, she never wakes up.

Amouranth always had the ability to fall asleep anywhere, anytime. The light, noise, and other things happening around her don’t bother her while she is sleeping. She decided to utilize this superpower to generate revenue.

Amouranth revealed that the sleep streams help her get more sleep in a day. These streams are the perfect opportunity for making money out of sleeping while working.

After the success of her sleep streams, she is ready to try out other types of in-bed content. Amouranth is planning to start a series called “Sleeping With…” In this series, she plans on featuring special guests.

The series will involve her sleeping next to a special guest. Amouranth believes that kind of a show would be a blockbuster on streaming platforms.

Final Words

While Amouranth’s sleep streams appeal to a large number of audiences, she is not the highest-paid sleep streamer. Streamers like Jakey Boehm make $34,000 per month simply by slumbering on camera. Apart from sleep streaming, Amouranth makes money from honey tub streams, ASMR, and more. She also earns a hefty amount from selling bath water and fart jars to her fans.