3 Super Apps that every business owner should have when handling a remote team


Working remotely is a trend that’s increasingly becoming popular amongst millennials today. In fact, a recent report released by Global Workplace Analytics shows that there has been a 103% growth of the number of employees working from the comforts of their home since 2005. Boy, that’s a pretty large increment!

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Moreover, it’s safe to say that remote working is not only beneficial to a company, but also to the employee as well. Here are some of the impressive stats that highlighted the report.

  • A business can save up to $11000 annually for every employee
  • Telecommuters can save a whopping $2000 to $7000 annually just by working from home

That being said, the American government can also benefit tremendously from remote work. In fact, the report states that if persons having compatible jobs had the desire to work, and did so from home just half the time, the national savings would be up a whopping $700 billion a year!

In fact, the key benefits of working from home cannot be downplayed. Everything from better productivity, lesser distractions, are some of the reasons why remote work is extremely popular.

So without further ado, here are the top tools every small business owner requires to successfully run their business from the comfort of their home.


This app is considered a gem because it helps an owner ideally to keep their business projects organized and on time thanks to their impressive project management software.

One of the great benefits of Asana is that it can be used free of charge for up to 15 people, making it an excellent too especially for startups and small business that are just starting out, or don’t have large teams.

Moreover, their free plan enables one to monitor unlimited projects as well as tasks; not to mention keep all the deliverables of a project in one place; that is everything from the draft to the final delivery.


Canva is an amazing, easy to use graphics design software that can turn any graphically impaired or challenged marketer into an efficient and noteworthy designer.

The most impressive feature of Canva is its seamless drag and drop functionality, that comes in tandem with its large repository of both paid and free images. This makes it easy for all and sundry to design stunning documents.

Last but certainly not least, Canva has a myriad of templates that one can use to create jaw-dropping flyers, magazine covers, and social graphics.


If one is unable to afford the larger CRMs available in the market, then Close.io is every small business owner’s dream. The entire sales tool is built around the premise of targeting SMEs, thanks to having monumental features such as call log automation, emails, as well as an effective handling of data entry.


This amazing app enables one to effectively organize their marketing calendar, as well as the marketing and advertising team, all in one place. In fact, the app gives a business owner the functionality to loop all their content marketing team into the conversation to be effectively informed.

Moreover, it effectively enables the owner to manage his or her social channels, and plan their content efforts before each post is published.

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