4 Website Problems That May Cost You Members and Revenue


Are you facing obstacles in growing membership or generating the intended revenue, the reason may be some website issues. Actually, most of the membership organizations suffer from some or the other major website problem. And, the good news is that you can fix those issues very easily then you might think. But, how to diagnose your website? Here’s a quick guide for picking out some of the common problems and how to best address them.

#1. Having a tedious Registration Process

Does your website contains a registration form with holes? When people visit your site to register for the events, do they need to complete the process manually like printing a form and then sending it back. If yes, you need to eliminate the manual steps in the registration process that may lead the registrants return back from your site. So, switch to a completely dynamic system by setting up an online event registration form. With membership management software at chamberdesk, you can set up everything in just half an hour and get out of the excel hacks forever.

#2. Your Site Isn’t Reaching To Your Visitors

There are enough visitors on your site but they do not stay for long. Do you experience such case with your website? If yes, its likely that your website isn’t where your visitors are – on the mobile devices.

Today, most of the people browse the websites on their mobile phones rather than the computers. Have you tried to find out some information from your website on your phone? Do you find it easily? Or, You kept zooming in and out to read the information. If yes? Then your website is not ready for the mobile users and the prospects may find your website frustrating and leave.

Making your website a mobile-friendly site can keep the visitors stay on your site for longer as they will have an easy access to the information required and signing up for membership and for events on your site.

#3. More Clicks Lead To More Chances To Quit

Having a good search feature on your website is very important. Does it takes more than 3-4 clicks to find anything on your site? It is likely that the visitors quit the site if they do not find what they’re looking for in just a few clicks.

To have a quick test for your site usability, you can have someone who’s never been to your website and ask him to signup for a membership. If it takes more than three clicks, you should consider updating the process. This is called ease of site navigation. And truly, many sites don’t have it. Poor site navigation is a common website problem, particularly for those offering different programs and running multiple events throughout the year.

Consider restructuring your website to solve out the complex navigation to easy one and creating a shallow site which will make easier for the visitors to find the useful information on your website.

#4. Old And Outdated Website

How often do you update your website? Does your website look outdated and hard to use? If that’s the case, your visitors may think that your organization is old and outdated and its atrocity may let the users move to other site.

Conversely, if your website is up-to-the-mark and looks impressive, it will impress the visitors and in that case, there are more chances that the prospects will believe you offer more value to your members.

How To Ensure Your Site Is Problem-free

If you’re a small business or an organization and not having a big budget, you should have atleast one person for maintaining the website. Maintaining includes updating the website regularly with the changing trends, technology and your business needs.