Which One is the Correct Option for You: Pay As You Go or Pay Monthly?

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Although, most of the recent technology has gone down in terms of pricing, smartphones are one area where prices are still going higher and higher. The confusing array of contracts and buying options out there makes the decision of choosing what’s best for you even harder. However, there are few mobile companies that believe in providing what’s best for their consumers and O2 is one leading name amongst these mobile networks to provide such user-friendly services. You can always get in-detailed information about their customer-focussed services by calling on O2 Contact Number.

The below enlisted details will help you to choose among SIM-Only Contract and Pay As You Go tariffs:

  • Typical “Pay As You Go” tariffs have higher calling, texting and internet charges as compared to “Pay-Monthly” contracts. A typical Pay Monthly contract always comes with an inclusive allowance of calls, texts, internet and taxes and hence is available at a much lower price as compared to Pay As You Go.
  • With ‘Pay As You Go” services, you need to purchase a handset separately by paying high upfront charges for it. The latest range of smartphones from brands such as Apple or Samsung can cost you up to £500 to £700 on Pay As You Go, which is way much higher. Whereas, a “Pay Monthly” contract allows you to get these smartphones at a much lower price. You can get the same range of phones for as low as £129 on a £30/month contract or for free on a £27/month contract.
  • The best part about using “Pay As You Go” tariffs is that they don’t come with a 24-months contract and you’re free to change phone or network provider whenever you wish to, without any need to pay the early termination fee or any other sort of penalty. However, with “Pay Monthly” contracts demand a commitment of at least 24-months time period. In case, you want to leave the network, you’ll need to pay off the cost of the rest of the contract (which isn’t a small amount at all!).
  • “Pay As You Go’ gives you the privilege to pay for the services that you’ve used. If you haven’t used your phone, you won’t have to pay for the unused services and the remaining credits will be rolled over to the following month. Whereas in “Pay Monthly” contract, even if you haven’t used the services fully, you‘d still be paying for the minutes and credits you haven’t used. Furthermore, by any chance if you’ve crossed your monthly limit, there’ canbe a hefty amount added to your phone bill due to absence of any suitable allowances.

Hence, if you’re looking for an emergency-only phone, a pay-as-you-go plan should be your perfect option and vice versa. You can get in touch with O2’s dedicated team at O2 Contact Number to know more about their services.