The Development of Modern Telecommunication Systems


This is the age of information and communication. Where there is knowledge and information to be shared, communication plays an important role in it. Human being has been in search of better, faster and effective means of communication since the ancient times. The communication methods used back in the old days seem ridiculous to the modern man.

Can we imagine letters being sent by tying them to the leg of a pigeon? However, even those means of communication served the purpose at that time and became a stepping stone towards the inventions of better alternatives.

Postal communication has been around for ages. It’s boringly slow and unreliable at times and yet it has been helping people communicate with each others for many years. With the advent of the telephone system, the communication process was revolutionized. People found a way to communicate directly and instantly with each other and could even hear each other’s voice. This was a great leap from the crude olden methods.

Introduction of the internet technology has taken things even further and now snail mail is fast becoming obsolete. People love the ease and speed of email. One can send an email instantly and can engage in a live chat with anyone over the internet. This has further removed all the physical limitations from the communication systems and made it easier and quicker than ever before.

The VoIP phone system has been a step further in this development in the field of communication. It is the communication system that utilizes the speed and power of the internet to make phone calls. Many phone companies offer this service to their customers at affordable costs.

The ease of installation and use of this phone system has made it popular all over the world in a short period of time. It is one of the hot favorites of the modern business community. They increase in efficiency and productivity due to faster and better communication through the VoIP phone system has made it an indispensible part of the business world as well as many households.

These phone companies offer many value added facilities along with this phone system. Call forwarding or routing is one of the most important of features offered by them. This facility makes it possible to divert any call to any single phone number or multiple phone numbers of user’s choice. This has been a great blessing to many businesses as well as individual users as it has increased their availability for a call, mobility and efficiency remarkably.

Most businesses have been taking advantage of this service by keeping in constant touch with not only with their employees and other key people but also with their customers to understand their needs and fulfill them with better customer support services.

Mobile Application Development – Choosing The Technology

For the most of brands using of digital technologies is an important tool for promotion and marketing campaigns. If you are planning the development of mobile applications, you should make a choice, what technology you are going to implement. Firstly, you should determine the target audience of your application. And then decide whether virtual reality or augmented reality is more preferable for your brand’s mobile application development. The main difference between these two similar techs is that VR creates fully virtual environment with the help of additional devices such as glasses and headsets. Virtual apps are developed mailly for games and entertainment, talking about more practical use – for engineering and 3D modeling. AR is a merge of real and virtual worlds. So before starting cooperation with an augmented reality company, you should know, what digital environment you need for your mobile app. Development of augmented reality app is not so expensive as virtual reality mobile app development as it doesn’t require creating of fully digital world. Augmented reality and mobile app development company in Canada – is an expert in developing mobile applications, applying AR and VR technologies and provides individual approach to each customer and project.