Self Publishing: How good is the idea?


If you have a dream of becoming an author one day but you’re wary of the traditional methods of publishing, you might want to think about the option of self publishing. Below is some information to explain self publishing, and if the idea is good or bad.

self publishing

self publishingNot many people are capable to being self-critics. Many people tend to be biased towards their own work no matter how good it is. This is due to practical and emotional viewpoints that they entangle while judging their own work, thus making it not possible to judge it from a neutral perspective. For this reason, they need opinions and feedback from other persons. The concept of self-publishing is however based on judging you own work and deciding its worth without taking any opinion from a third party.

When is Self-Publishing defensible?

Lately, this trend of self publishing has turned into somewhat a rage. The literary-fraternity does not particularly approve the idea of self-publishing a book, unless there are solid reasons for doing it. If you hope to take on the alternative of self publishing, here are some of the reasons to justify your choice.

• There is great need to provide information to some few people within the shortest possible time.
• You don’t want to make any unnecessary changes suggested by your editor and wish to implement your right to keep the content as you initially wanted it to be.
• You simply want to print out a few copies for yourself, friends and family.
• In case you aren’t interested in commercially selling your work, but in sharing your knowledge with the human race for free.
• If the topic is controversial or off-beat, and there isn’t anyone that wants to publish anything on it.

The benefits of self-publishing
• In view of the fact that pulling a book together and succeeding in getting a publishing house is difficult, self-publishing is very helpful.
• Work that is self published is done faster than that published using the traditional way.
• You get an opportunity to exercise your creative-freedom without any hassles of being asked to alter your content, cover page, font and so on.

The negatives of self-publishing

In general, the reaction of an average person to self-publishing isn’t really positive. Sadly, most of the self published books are the ones which were rejected by the publishing companies to which they were given. Below are some points you need to consider before making the final decision.
• In general, people tend to not want to read self published books because they think that the work isn’t good enough.
• You have to personally take care of all the marketing costs incurred and the entire marketing process.
• Self-publishing isn’t a good idea if you intention is to sell your work.
• The entire fee (costs) required for self-publishing is up to you. This means that in case you make any losses, you will suffer alone.

At this point, you should know whether the idea of self-publishing is good or bad depending on your case. A few outstandingly good books can be self published by truly talented authors who for one reason or the other were turned down by publishing-houses. The whole game is however spoiled by several horrible books written by writers that think they’re too good for editing and marketing processes.