3 Tips for Choosing the Right Domain that Translates Your Brand to the Public


The choice of the domain of your site, that is, your URL, is one of the most important and strategic moments of a company that is entering the internet and has plans for growth.

It may seem like something very simple, but a wrong choice right now can hurt your Google ranking, the volume of traffic on your site, and consequently your sales!

The first step is to have a good brainstorm, thinking about the possibilities of domains that make sense for your brand, always considering which ones have already been registered by other people. You can also check some top level domain names.

If this is your case, you can be carefree. That’s exactly what we’re going to tell you! Here are the secrets to having a great domain.

Be brief and clear

The domain must be a quick and simple way to remember and therefore you need to ensure you will choose something short and clear. Too long addresses usually fall into the public eye and cause consumers to not reach you.

As much as you want to be clear about what you work with, what your industry is, and other important information for your business, it’s best not to do that in the domain because it can get too long. A good alternative here to translate this message is to use a specific domain. Later, you will read about it.

Another way to help your future client is to get away from complicated or foreign words that are rarely used, as they give much more scope for mistakes.

Beware of word junction

If you are going to use two words, think about how they are going to get typed together. For example, if you choose the domain www.santanaflowers.com it is quite possible that the consumer has a momentary confusion with the letter “s”.

In addition, this type of domain can also make you always have to make clear what the correct name of your site, which can become very tiring over time. When in doubt, it is best to pay attention to the junction of the words before registering the domain. Use this link to learn all about choosing top level domains.

Avoid special characters

Traits, underlines, numbers, dots, and other special characters do not have to appear in your domain. These elements can confuse the user’s head, and most sites, especially corporate ones, do not usually use them.