Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the World


Just like in every other field, technological developments have dramatically shaped the education sector by a considerable margin. Everything, from the way we apply and get into college, to the way we study, is being transformed by artificial intelligence. The concept and practice of virtual classrooms, is one of the many ways global education is evolving.

AI impacts our daily lives in a variety of ways – from target ads based on our previous online buying and browsing behavior, to keyboard suggestions based on our commonly used terms. IPhone’s Siri and Samsung’s Bixby are relevant examples of artificial intelligence at work. Below are a few additional ways AI is impacting our world.

Elimination of Redundant Tasks

Redundant administrative tasks currently being handled by humans, are being replaced by AI applications. The result is lower cost and higher efficiency for corporations and governments.

Getting Admitted to College

Traditional human college counselors are being replaced by AI driven recommendation engines. Whereas human counselors have limited time to address a personal student’s needs, predictive algorithm engines are available to the student 24 hours a day, are more reliable, and much more personalized than any one counselor – owing to the fact – systems utilize a multitude of data. Currently, the only platform to provide best in class machine learning recommendations and action plans to students, is a company by the name of “myKlovr.” Started by former private professional, Gustavo Dolfino, the service includes a money back guarantee underwritten by AXA.

Self-Driving Cars

Companies like Tesla have already made this concept comprehensible to the average person. Experts believe, AI-Based self-driving cars will become a common sight on roads, within the next decade. This is just one of the many ways artificial intelligence is impacting this industry. We are also moving towards AI-Based traffic management systems, which will drastically reduce jams.

Unraveling the Future

AI has created new and smarter ways of conducting tedious and difficult activities. This is ongoing.

Although pretty much every industry is benefitting from the rise and development of AI, education is one key area where most of the exponential growth is likely to take place in the next decade.

Platforms like myKlovr are leading the way. Students enjoy a personalized AI-based counselor, available to them 24/7, helping them research, apply, and finance their college education.

It is safe to state, AI is critical to the development of the world as we know it, regardless of the underlying industry it targets. It is impossible to envision an efficient future without it.