Technical Debt Must Not Be Handled With Financial Debt


Most of the time, technical debt is associated with negative feature, where it stands in the way of infusing new feature; making it more or less similar to credit card. In case, you fail to make your monthly payments on time, you will be charged a hefty amount of interest. On the other hand, if you are willing to make minimal payment on a monthly basis, then the interest level starts to build and can take years to get rid of debt and enjoy a free life. If you follow this method for years, then at the end, you have to look for ways to announce bankruptcy.  Well, this kind of technical debt view can turn out to be too strict, while applying in the current actual software development.

A useful tool for you

Technical debt is mostly termed as a tool, which is similar to the time, when you float a bond at just 5% for increasing income to 10%. It is enough to prove that technical debt does not hold the same meaning to the stakeholders, as it does for you.  Therefore, in case; you are working on technical debt, it is vital to work on the total ownership cost, as a significant part of this tool. This further helps in providing a better picture of your business, especially, while dealing with technical debt.

Handled like financial debt

According to some of the reliable experts, technical debt need not be handled by financial debt. It is no doubt a real problem, and as crucial as financial debt. Therefore, it is mandatory to work on the expert first, before joining hands with experts over here. You just have to learn on ways to manage the technical debt, and ways to make its impact turn out to be a bit clearer. These are some of the important strategies available over here now.

Various options to work on

There are so many important points, which you must consider, while dealing with technical debt and relating it to financial debt. In a generic term, this technical debt is similar to credit card debts. Unless you get the chance to make full payments on monthly basis, you will be loaded with so many important rates of interest, on a daily basis. If this kind of situation continues, then it will not be long, when you will declare yourself to be bankrupted. This is not going to be a puritanical view of debt and this rule is not the same for all.

Not the sale rule

For any person with a background in business school, debt is nothing more than a tool, if he can float at 5% for building a factory, which can further give a 10% boost in the income rate. If the result is like this, then you can use technical debt in your favor. There are some other important points to consider over here; like depreciation and maintenance. Furthermore, you are not going to pay the bond before the due date, and can negate the reasons too. You have the liberty to visit here to know more about it.