Why Alexa Rank Comparison is important


As the days are starting to pass Alexa rank comparison is starting to become more and more important for search engine optimists. Alexa is an amazing tool to rank websites which is similar to Google PR but in its own way. Although most people think that the relationship of Alexa is with how popular your website is but that isn’t really the question. What counts to be on top of the Alexa are links, keywords and tons of other things that you need to take care of. Tons of these factors are only known to people who’ve worked with Alexa by an SEO perspective.

Are other websites back linking to you? For getting Alexa to rank you, you have to make sure websites link back to you. This is nothing to worry about all you have to do is ask them. You can also give them the possibility to link back to you.

The fact is that relevant links help you and your visitors a lot. Search Engines don’t waste their time on websites that aren’t worth going to so make sure yours is worth it. If they think it’s worth it, they easily a lot a higher position to your website. This is probably the most basic rule that you need to know. The difference between websites that have a higher rank on Alexa and websites that have a lower rank is that they are user friendly. What Alexa does is it views your website just like your visitors would. They calculate how much your website is worth and on that basis they start ranking you on their index. This is the main reason why it is important for you to keep relevant links. If you link back to websites that users would love to lay eyes on, you will automatically be on Alexa’s list.

All’s fine and dandy until you know that you have to check Alexa rank. Alexa rank carries great importance in the world of SEO and for a search engine optimist to know that how their websites rank on the Alexa index for a certain keyword. Many toolbars used to provide an Alexa Rank Checker feature that used to tell them the URL’s rank easily on the Alexa index but they never told SEOs how their website ranked specifically for a special keyword. This is when the elite search engine optimists realized that their needs to be a tool that tells them the Alexa rank of their website with respect to a certain keyword.

That was when the web started introducing many Alexa keyword ranking tools of different variations and different features and today there are tons of tools on the web that can easily help you determine how your website ranks on the Alexa index for a certain keyword. This is one of the most important tools that an SEO needs to have at all times. This is what keeps them updated on their site’s current Alexa position.