Benefits of Building a Wedding Website


These days, there are websites for pretty much everything under the sun. Whether you’re shopping for specialty wedding supplies or just doing basic research about various topics, chances are you will find several great resources with just a simple Google search. When it comes to giving your wedding guests information about your special day, having your very own wedding website is also becoming very common. There are a lot of reasons to host your own wedding website, and quite frankly your guests are probably expecting to have information served to them in this manner. Here are a few benefits of building a wedding website of your own and some of the many things that are possible using modern technology to pull it off.

Wedding Details

One of the most obvious things that you can do with your own wedding website is to give your guests details about your wedding. This will include things like a map to your wedding venue, as well as any other important information surrounding your wedding day. Giving your guests the ability to stay informed via a website rather than needing to get ahold of everyone individually can be a huge time saver and make the planning process much easier.

Schedule Updates

Though changes won’t happen in a perfect world, things come up at the last minute and schedule changes will happen. This can be something like the start time of your bridal shower changing to the date of your wedding shifting to another weekend. By keeping a calendar on your wedding website, you can keep people informed of schedule changes painlessly.

Invitations and RSVPs

Though many couples will still send out paper invitations for their wedding, you can also offer digital invitations to help streamline the process. Allowing your guests to RSVP online can be a huge time and money saver, and it will allow you to focus your efforts on other aspects of the wedding.

Sharing Photos

Though you probably will still want to hire a wedding photographer, the fact that everyone carries a smartphone with a good quality camera can open up new opportunities for your wedding photo collection. Your guests are more likely to get candid pictures of other guests using sparklers for weddings and having fun at their tables, so having a function that allows people to share photos right through your wedding website can be a great tool. It can also allow your guests to download the wedding photos they like best so you don’t need to manually send them out to every single person.

Gift Registry

One of the handier features that having your own wedding website can provide is the ability to post your gift registry online. This will allow your guests to access your gift registry from anywhere, and it will open up your options so you can choose from more than just a single store. There are many free options for creating an online gift registry so your guests can shop from pretty much any website they prefer.

Wedding Blog

There are a lot of great moments that happen while you are planning your wedding, so sharing them on your website in the form of a blog can really let your guests be part of the magic. Having a wedding blog will let your friends and family live part of the action and it will also serve as a journal that you can enjoy in years to come. A wedding blog is particularly useful if you have family that lives out of town since they won’t be there in person to help with the wedding planning process.

There are new tools and technology coming out every single day, so there is always new features that you can add to your wedding website. Your best option is to stay on top of the latest technology and embrace it into your website so you can share your wedding experience with your friends and family to the fullest possible extent.