The Best Apps for Job Seekers


You probably have a lot of different apps already downloaded onto your smartphone in order to do everything from keep track of your email and schedule, to playing games while you are riding the subway. But why not download job hunting apps that will help you land that next great gig? In addition to using valuable websites like, consider grabbing the following apps for job seekers.

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Indeed is, without a doubt, one of the most popular job search websites out there today. And now there is an app that you can download to reap all of the same benefits that the site can provide. With the Indeed Job Search app, you could upload your resume and you could easily apply to jobs that you are interested in. Plus, you could search for jobs with ease, as well as fill in all of the required information to apply for a job so you don’t have to wait until you get to a computer to get it done.


Not to be confused with LinkedIn, which is the social media website, LinkUp is an app that you can use to receive the top job postings in your preferred industry. This app will filter out all of the scam and fake employment listings that are often seen online. In this way, you can focus instead on the legitimate opportunities being offered by the best employers. The job search feature is really convenient, but you can also save prior searches and set favorites. And you could even apply to jobs using your mobile device, so you don’t waste any time making that great first impression.


Switch is a job search app that is a little bit different because it is only found on mobile, so you do not need to worry about going on a website and registering to create an account first. This makes it easy to use and really convenient, especially if you like to search for employment opportunities even while you are on the go. This app will bring you job openings that are based upon your experience and your skills, and you can then choose whether or not you would like to apply. Plus, you could even import the professional profile that you use on social media.

Simply Hired

Yet another popular job search site is Simply Hired, and now you can also have it on the go in the form of an app. You could sort your searches so that you can narrow down your choices to those that you would be most interested in. Plus, when you get into the homepage of the app, you’ll see recent job searches, and there is also a one-touch application feature that you’re sure to love. This is a search-based app, but you can share and save jobs, as well as upload your resumé.

If you have been struggling to find the best job listings and land your dream job, consider downloading the apps above and using them to your advantage. You might be surprised by all of their great features and how much easier it could be to hunt for work.