Want to Get the Best ELD Device? Here’s What You Need to Consider

ELD Device

Considering the ELD mandate as proposed by the FMCSA, opting for the best ELD provider for the commercial motor vehicles is more crucial now than ever.  Having solutions that enable you to track Hours of Service make sure that the vehicles and drivers are safe on the highways. The right decision may result in simplified compliance, greater returns on investment and increased safety. Making a decision in haste or choosing on the basis of lowest price offering may lead to innumerable consequences like searching for new solutions or unreliable technology.

If you’re keen on choosing the best ELD devices, you need to rely on the right provider. The factors you need to consider are mentioned in the following write-up.

The ELD mandate has led new companies appear in the marketplace owing to the better opportunities. Though they might promise to offer the products of top-notch quality, they lack the required experience to switch the commercial motor vehicles or fleets from paper logs to ELDs. Also, the regulations related to hours of service are complex and the new providers might not have the expertise to test the devices thoroughly prior to listing them.  Hence, it is essential to check a company’s history prior to settling for one among the myriad of options.  Make sure that the provider you’re considering has years of experience and a great reputation in the industry for offering high-quality devices at best rates.

  • Customer Support

Research well and choose professionals that are capable enough of solving intricate device-related problems for the clients.  Make sure that the team members collaborate well to offer the clients with innovative solutions. The professionals should be focused on helping the consumers to get the finest services. It is better to opt for the providers that offers personalized support 24/7.

  • Beyond ELD Compliance

Choose a provider offering multi-function ELD solution that provides innumerable benefits beyond compliance along with better returns on investments. The professional you rely upon must offer integrated solutions with multiple features and functionalities and deliver values for long-term. An electronic ticketing or mobile workforce management device can streamline the procedure and provide you with faster payroll.

Varied ELD Platforms

The fleets have varied priorities or requirements depending on the truck type, desired functionality and work environment. A tablet/smartphone may work best for a single fleet but the rugged computer would prove to be the better option for different fleets. You must choose the providers wherein you would have that flexibility to opt for varied platforms for different vehicles that you may have.

When it comes to choosing the best ELD for owner operators among the myriad of options, making the right decision can turn out to be stressful. Hence, it is better to rely on providers who’re capable enough of suggesting you with the best device. Browse through the Internet to choose the professionals that have earned maximum reviews online for offering quality devices at best rates.