iPhone 7 Rumours


This month, the Quite Great Mobile App team have a surprising recommendation: if you’re hanging on for the new iPhone, it might be best to wait a little longer.

Apple release a new phone every year, and 2016 is the year of the iPhone 7. Rumours always spread before the big reveal, but it doesn’t sound like there’s anything too exciting coming this autumn. Although, the iPhone marketing juggernaut is yet to hit its stride for the new model, early indications are that there’s nothing revolutionary to be found in the next generation smartphone. We’ve learnt over the years that Apple’s biggest innovations come with their S models, and 2017 – the year we would expect the iPhone 7S – is a particularly special year for the company.

Next year, the iPhone will celebrate its 10th birthday and there’s no question that Apple will have something huge planned to honour it. We’re already hearing whispers of a new and improved display and wireless charging as standard, so we can’t wait to hear what Apple will bring us.

The rumours surrounding the iPhone 7 aren’t quite as positive, as the internet has already hit back at the suggestion that the new iPhone will see the end of the headphone jack. Design and aesthetic have always been Apple’s strong point, but in this instance perhaps they need to value substance over style.

So, if you’ve been holding on to your old phone in anticipation of the 7, it might be best to delay your new investment for another few months.


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Gadget: New Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle is a household name in e-readers, and the latest update is unlikely to disappoint. A slimmer and more svelte device than its predecessor, the new Kindle is nevertheless packed with exciting new features. Users can now personalise their home screen and export the notes that they have made in their books. Visually impaired users can also make great use of this Kindle as it brings in new audio accessibility features.

Buy now at WHSmith, from £60

Gadget 2: Dewalt MD501 Rugged Smartphone (100 words)

Dewalt have built their latest smartphone around the idea of ‘ruggedness’. You heard that right – this company have managed to create a sleek smartphone that can still take a bit of a tumble. For former Apple devotees who have suffered from one too many smashed screens and cracked cases, this could be the perfect solution.

The MD501 operates on a slightly older, but still manageable, Android OS and is equipped with a non-smash case with stronger grip. Under the bonnet, Dewalt deliver everything you expect from a standard smartphone – just without the heartache that comes from paying for a replacement every month.

Buy now at Carphone Warehouse, from £189 or free on contract

Comparison: Full can headphones


Outstanding sound quality is combined with exceptional aesthetics to make these cans ideal for stylish music lovers.

Available from John Lewis, Grand Arcade, Cambridge

Price: From £150

KEF M500

An extremely comfortable fit, these headphones combine quality sound with a wide can base.

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Price: From £250


Cutting edge speaker technology is given a retro look in the latest offering from Grado. Perfect for high quality audio in the comfort of your own home.

Buy now from John Lewis, Grand Arcade, Cambridge

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