Get Stylish and Appealing Xiaomi Mi 4S


If you are in the search of the mobile that is very much smart phone and also Android then you are reading the right article. In early days people did not know anything about the mobile and when these mobile launched in the market then it was the new things that everyone saw and people without knowing any importance except the calling and receiving the other people phone was the main thing that people used to know. It is also fact that the mobiles that were coming were not having special features.

But today mobile has become the important part of every single man and woman and without mobile it is very hard to survive. As the technology developed the companies like Samsung, Sony, LG, Lava, Motorola, Siemens, and many more companies jumped in this business and it was very mu h in demand that mobile that will be having the unique features will have the people majority to buy that model. There are numerous of models that are coming in smart phones and one of the best company of China that is Xiaomi  has launched their new model that is Mi 4S. This model is very much Android and also a beautiful and excellent featured smart phone that will force you to have one for you. Here in this article you will be getting g the complete details about Xiaomi Mi 4S. You can have some saving with Flipkart coupons while buying the phone.

This is the device that is having four shades in colors and that are red, black, blue and yellow and it is having the display of 5.70 inches and the rear camera that is 12-megapixel and the other camera that is in the front is  the 8-megapixel camera. The cameras are very superior quality that is able to take out the best and natural photos and videos. The processor that it consist of is 1GHz with 3GB RAM and have the resolution that is 1020×1680. In this mobile you are having the internal storage in which it has the capacity to store anything that is up to 16GB.

This smartphone is having the external capacity that can be of 32GB and also have the option of using three SIM at a time and is very much GSM mobile. If we talk about the battery then this smartphone are not having any other mobile that has the capacity that this mobile battery has. It is 2600Amph power battery that can last for more than 5 days. On the internet if you see the comparison then you will come to know that it is the model that is not having any competitor. The facility that is provided in this model of Xiaomi is very much useful and you have the technology that is very advance. It is not hard to operate this mobile as all the functions are very easy

Due to the processor the internet that runs very fast and downloading the movies or anything from the internet you are able to download with no time and will be saving lot of time as in other it has been observed that downloading takes lot of time and by the time the battery is also wasted very much. The special thing about this model is that you are getting the facebook and whatsApp for free and that also for one year. These two applications are the most popular and are used all over the world and you are getting it for free. So don’t miss the chance and get one for you. It is very much sure that you will like this model very much and will tell other to buy this for them.