How safe is your computer?


Keeping your computer safe is the first step when it comes to comes to computer safety and security. It is important to protect your personal information because criminals are out there and they can abuse your information for a bad purpose. TAG IT Support Toronto will give you some simple advice and explain you how important it is to protect your computer by providing maximum safety.

First and most important thing to do is to put some strong and safe passwords on your computer. This is the easiest thing to do but it can be very helpful. If you have a password on your computer, you can prevent people from touching your things. Although this is not the only thing you need to do.

The next thing is to stop downloading songs or any kind of files from random websites. Because you may end up disappointed. The song can be a dangerous Trojan horse malicious software that can damage your computer permanently, or worse steal your personal data such as credit cards and spend your money. You don’t want that to happen right? So, don’t leave the door open to the burglars. You need to take all the precautions and methods to protect your device completely.

An antivirus program is very important in this situation. These programs protect the computer from malicious software and they notify you every time you open something suspicious. You can run scans and clean the computer at least once in a week. The anti – virus program detects malicious software in your computer and removes it permanently.

Besides that, there are lots of other tools to protect your computer from hackers. Even though the Windows as an operating system is pretty safe and protected by the company itself, hackers can still find a way to enter into your computer and make a mess.

Spybot is one of the best anti – spy programs that can be used to identify and remove certain types of malicious spy software that is often being neglected by the anti – virus programs simply because it doesn’t make any harm on the computer. It doesn’t make any harm on your device but it has all the information about you. The websites you visit, the private conversations with friends, family, passwords, credit card numbers… So, the anti – spy programs are as equally important as the anti – virus programs. It is important to regularly scan all your data to make sure the security programs don’t miss a thing.

Pay attention when you visit websites and open pop – up windows. Do not just click on a random post that asks you to vote or choose something else. Do not install anything you think is suspicious. Improve the safety of your browser too. If you use Mozilla Firefox, make sure you install No Script to allow maximum safety while searching online. By following these steps your computer will be safe to use.