Do You Want to Generate More Traffic? Here are Some Actionable Ideas


Most businesses nowadays have websites because of the need to attract a clientele beyond their geographical confines. These websites are well designed some of them by top professionals and judging them from the appearance, they have everything they need to attract huge flows of traffic. However, for most of them, the story is to the contrary, they struggle to generate traffic and this affects their bottom line significantly.

If you are serious about marketing your website with SEO, you must make deliberate efforts to ensure that you are in the good books of Google, the master SEO engine. Over the past few years, Google has rolled out a number of algorithm updates aimed at sieving and washing out any unethical SEO practices and rewarding best industry practices. This move has seen many businesses punished with some of them dumped into sandboxes. It is to such an audience that this article is targeted. Below are tips to help you generate targeted traffic to your website and enhance your conversion process.

Pay Key Attention to Long Tail Keywords

While focusing on single keywords for each web page worked in the good old days, this has now changed. Ensure that each post in your website contains the relevant search terms and phrases related to your topic. Long tail keywords are popular and necessary in every SEO ranking strategy.

Go Social by Starting a Facebook Group

Embracing social media can turn the tide your way and bring you lots of fortunes in traffic generation. Start by creating a niche-based group where the members participate by asking questions and seeking support from one another. Don’t forget to point the group and its members back to your main site in order to boost your content visibility.

Start a Forum on Your Site

Maybe you knew this, but if you didn’t, an active forum can hugely boost your ranking for long tail keywords. It is also an extremely useful way of reducing the bounce rate of your website, enhancing the time your traffic spends on your site, and building a community from which you can tap a lot towards enhancing your business.

Leveraging Your Email List to Promote Your Posts

Inasmuch as this strategy doesn’t have to be the main focus of all your emails, including a link or two to your blog posts in the emails you send out to your friends and subscribers can significantly boost traffic levels to your site, increase leads and promote your bottom line.

Work on the Headlines of Your Posts

A person will click or trash your post depending on the headline you use. This is particularly the case when you share your posts on social platforms. Your posts headlines must therefore be done in such a way as to be attractive and articulate the purpose of the posts to your readers.

In addition to the above ideas, guest posting is still a viable part of your ranking strategy. The only thing is that your posts must be published on high quality websites and blogs. This will ensure that quality traffic gets directed to your site.