5 Factors You Must Think Upon Before Buying a Baby Monitor


Parenting is one of the responsible duty. Can anyone believe, how much stressful it is! To keep a watch on your baby all the time, even when badly stuck in work. I can understand. Thanks to the availability of gadget like baby monitor that makes it easy to view and pamper your baby on a screen. A baby monitor keeps watch on your baby while you aren’t in the room. Multiple varieties having different facilities are available online as well as in the local market.

A baby monitor helps you to keep track of baby’s movements, heart rate, body temperature and positions. It works like security guard for your newborn. You can have the variant featured baby monitor by baby-direct.com.au. They aim to provide a fruitful shopping experience to the customers and deliver various baby products up to your doorstep. The post contains, few factors you must look before buying a baby monitor:

  • Range : If you’re living in a small house or your room is just beside your baby’s room, then there is no need to buy a baby monitor as you have a better communication range. Another side is if you’re spending your time in a garden during afternoon or right over some other side of the house; in these situations having a baby monitor is a necessity. So meanwhile, the range is important. If you and your kid are far from each other, using baby monitor is the best option to keep a careful watch on the baby’s activities and can work tension-free.
  • Interference : Hope, you’re aware about your baby monitor which could be affected by interference of your neighbour’s baby monitor which may transmit on the same channel as you have chosen. So for safer side, it’s worth checking your neighbour’s one and ensure about the channel. Also, cordless phones could hamper the happy moments. So, if you’re worried about these issues go for a monitor having interference security. Digital models are ideal to avoid interference than analogue models. So undoubtedly, go for digital models for the entire safety.
  • Rechargeable battery : While buying baby monitor, having an inbuilt rechargeable battery can save huge amount of money especially for a long run. By using a charger, you can easily charge the batteries rather than buying some battery replacements from the stores. This simply offers calmness so you can easily monitor your child without hurrying for the replacement of batteries.
  • High plus extras : If you’ve planned to spend more on a baby monitor then you can have baby monitors with high safety features such as motion sensor that will alert you if your baby hasn’t moved into settled time. Some of them have video cameras to allow parents to keep an eye on their baby from a different room. This kind of monitors become popular with having used by the responsible working parents.

  • Nice to have features : Many baby monitors offer features a step ahead for both parent and kid. Like, music and lights with sound and allow you to load and play your favourite or desired lullabies to drift off your baby into sleep. Some extra features like a built-in timer that can remind you when the time comes for a next feed. While having these type of features are far from actual essentials. Baby monitors provide a bit more than your actual needs.

Final tip :

Yes, parenting is a boon but with having a busy schedule it can really become tough to handle or to only monitor while your kid is napping. So some essentials like baby monitor can help you a lot. With having one, you can easily monitor both the things your kid and your work. However, if you don’t actually need it, unnecessarily sparing money on it is not wise option. Thus, if baby monitor fits into your need then and then you should buy. Otherwise, you’ve an opportunity to be with your adorable one and give him complete devotion. Stay healthy both mom and baby!