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Cloud telephony is the latest advancement in the field of communication. They help in establishing a very effective system of communication within an organization and also help in contacting the clients or suppliers in a better way. Here are the advantages of Cloud phone in your business:

  • Simple Design: The physical hardware is minimal in case of cloud phone since it does not have a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) associated with it. There is no involvement of cables and wires either. Also, no on-site equipment required. As a result, maintenance and upgrading charges are also not required. The simplistic design of cloud telephony not only saves cost but also relives the users from the hassles of wires and plug-points.
  • Easy to Use: The cloud phones can be used wherever there is an internet connection. One can alter the rules of answering, get free access to the voice-mails and also view the call activities no matter where he is. So, you do not have to confine your activities within a smaller area. It is thus quite easy to use.
  • Economic: These phones are also quite economic so you can make monthly contracts so that you can keep track of your expenses and adjust your usage accordingly. They are a better alternative than on-premise phones with respect to the price charged since they do not involve any hardware costs.
  • Flexibility: With the cloud phones one can add extensions or direct numbers as and when required. New extensions can be established within a very short amount of time.  One can make arrangements for as many extensions and departments as he wishes to. Thus, it is a very flexible platform that can be extended according to the requirements.
  • Time-saving: These cloud phones do not require you to spend your valuable time in maintaining them. So, you can use your time for the productive aspects of the business.
  • Ease of Integration: They provide an integrated environment for the proper functioning of a business. The employees can communicate with each other in a better way and thus increase the efficiency. This also overcomes miscommunication in all forms.
  • Functionality: The system provides great functionality and helps your business flourish. You can ensure proper functioning of the business since the different processes occur smoothly.
  • Modes of Communication: It allows for different modes of communication. The employees can communicate using smartphones, deskphones and softphones. You can also gain easy access over the critical business softwares.
  • Advanced Features: It lets you incorporate the different advanced technological features for your business such as virtual assistant, auto attendant and other call centre solutions.
  • Other Cloud-based Features: The cloud phones can be easilyintegrated with other cloud-based applications and thus help the employees to gain access to a lot more features and functionality.
  • Scalability: The system is scalable depending upon the size of business under consideration.

Thus, it is clearly evident that the cloud phones have manifold advantages over the other existing telephone systems.

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