5 Benefits of Managed IT Services For Small Businesses


Managed Services for small business are designed to create new streams of revenue and foster business growth by harnessing data analytics and leveraging social, mobile and cloud platforms.

As technology advances, so does managed IT services. Innovative internet technology (IT) offers small businesses network management that protects business applications, provides network security and so much more.

Managed IT services are also affordable and help protect, power and even promote businesses. However, the benefits of these services don’t stop there. Below are five benefits of managed IT services for small businesses.

Reduces Risks From Data Breaches and Weather-Related Disasters

Disasters caused by severe storms, data hacking or malware can lead to massive data loss and exposure. Sensitive company information can be hacked and even spread to unsavory sources during these times.

However, managed IT services mitigate these risks by offering 24-hour security that monitors and can quickly restores data integrity and operational processes.

Up-to-date Security

Companies that offer managed IT services don’t just “put out fires” when trouble arises: they track network performance and issue system alerts automatically.

Network performance is reported in real-time, so the provider will be notified of any issues that arise as soon as they arise. This means remediation practices can be started right away, thus creating a more efficient security system that remains compliant with IT security standards.

Lower IT Costs

Typical IT costs can be too much for a small business budget, but managed IT service plans can be tailored to fit any organization’s needs.

These plans allow businesses to accurately budget for IT maintenance, leaving more money and time for more important aspects of the business.

The right service provider can provide maintenance and protection that prevents or reduces the risk of unforeseen events that cost a lot to fix.

Around the Clock Expert Service

Managed IT services providers are business technology experts who are there to provide expert advice and service 24 hours a day. They manage and provide services for every aspect of a company’s IT network, including:

  • Disaster recovery
  • Infrastructure management
  • Help Desk support
  • Scheduled on-site support
  • WAN/LAN health monitoring
  • Virus protection
  • Providing a secure virtual environment
  • Firewall monitoring and protection

All of these services and more are provided by experts via a IT service plan to keep data secure and accessible at all times.

Eliminate the Need for IT Staff

Most small businesses don’t have the budget to hire, train and maintain an IT staff, as it’s both a major luxury and a major expense. However, managed IT eliminates the expense of having an in-house IT team while providing all of the luxuries of IT management.

Companies that choose managed services will be given instant access to experts who can help their businesses leverage the right technologies for increasing efficiency and productivity, which only facilitates growth.


Managed IT services may not work for every business, but for small businesses with small budget, it can be a great solution to a major problem. Essentially, all organizations, big and small need IT management to guard against data breaches, data loss and damage cause by bad weather, network failure, hacking or malware and viruses.

The services have many benefits that can help a small company thrive and even become stronger. Besides, clients may be impressed and more willing to work with an organization that has top-notch security.