The Benefits of Cloud Computing for the Medical Industry


Technological innovations have impacted every business industry and changed the method of data exchange. The medical industry has been especially impacted by innovations as it has helped improve healthcare for people around the world. Cloud computing offers hospitals, clinics, and practitioners many benefits, including those listed below.

Provides Better Security

Cloud storage offers better security for data than using in-house servers. If the clinic or hospital where the data originated receives damage due to fire or flood, the data will be safe at the off-site servers which ensures patient information is private and available even if there has been extensive damage to the medical facility.

Information Is More Accessible

Data stored in the cloud is accessible from multiple locations, so a doctor who is away from his or her office can still keep close tabs on their patients. Also, if a patient has to be transferred due to fire or flooding, then their records can be accessed by medical personnel where they’ve been relocated. Information can also be more easily shared with other doctors if a consultation is needed to diagnose or come up with a treatment plan for a patient.

Accessible on More Devices

RendTech Associates can make medical files accessible from multiple devices when they are available in the cloud. A doctor’s mobile, tablet PC, or laptop can be used to look up medical images, patient records or business files from their office, which allows them to keep track of their business or patients from their home office or on mobile devices.

Saves on Storage

Many medical records, especially imaging files, can be very large and take up several megabytes of space on a server. By storing these files in the cloud, not only are they easier to access for collaborations, but older files can be archived in the cloud to save space on hospital or clinic servers, which reduces costs for medical facilities because they won’t have to purchase additional equipment to archive data or to store current data.

Provides Better Analytics

Companies providing healthcare IT services can easily access data analytics when files are stored in the cloud. It is important to use analytics to spot trends, offer patients better personalised care and to harvest it for research purposes. Companies like RendTech Associates can also analyse data to improve their clients’ IT services.

Improves Clinical Research

Large data files used to be inaccessible for smaller computer systems in smaller clinics or doctors’ offices, but with cloud storage, large data files are easier for computer systems to handle, thus making information easier to share, which can improve research for new medical techniques and drug research. Since data is easier to access, research can be done quicker and it can reduce the costs of medical or pharmaceutical breakthroughs.

Being able to access medical records quickly is often crucial for helping treat patients in emergencies and cloud storage allows their files to be pulled up on an array of devices in any location around the world.