5 Technology Changes to Implement in your Business this 2019


if there is one thing that your business should do this 2019, it would be to embrace technology! In case you haven’t realized yet, there are many technologies that will be vital in improving effectiveness and efficiency, including those that will be briefly mentioned in the rest of this post. Do not let the initial cost become a hindrance. The long-term benefits are sure to be worth it!

Use a Digital Sign-In App

A good place to start is in the front office. Consider using a visitor sign in app. The latter will replace human receptionists at the front desk. Instead of having an actual employee in the reception, you can use a tablet where the guests will sign-in. This will also retrieve their photo and their signature.

If you are looking for the best check in apps for business, Greetly is one of the top options to consider.

Tap the Power of the Cloud

If you haven’t tapped cloud technology yet, 2019 is a good year to start taking advantage of the many benefits that it can deliver. Moving to the cloud can take your business to new heights. On the top of the benefits would be improving the bottom line, making it possible to cut down costs. It also improves productivity. Employees will be able to work anytime and anywhere. There is also no need to worry about security as it is generally safe, depending on the cloud technology provider that will be used.

Make Your Heating/Cooling System Smart

An intelligent heating/cooling system is another investment that your business must consider this year. Basically, this will eliminate the need to manually change the temperature or adjust the thermostat. Instead, this will automatically be customized by the system depending on the external temperature, time, capacity of the room, and other conditions that will affect the office environment.

Install a Chatbot

Chatbots revolutionize customer service and marketing, which makes it another technology that you should implement in your business this 2019. It provides a technology that makes it easier for customers to connect to businesses, even outside of the office hours. This way, a response will be immediately available when there are queries. In the next years, it is expected that chatbot performance will improve, making it possible to provide more accurate answers to questions from users.

Use Virtual Reality

Basically, virtual reality refers to a computer-generated scenario that intends to mimic a realistic experience. There are many ways by which businesses can use this to improve this 2019. For instance, this can be used in improving the training programs for employees, making it more entertaining and effective. It changes the way employees are educated and trained. You can also use it for improving customer experiences and in unique marketing strategies.

This 2019, take advantage of the technologies that have been mentioned above for your business transformation. They are sure to offer a plethora of benefits to improve your competitiveness