4 Simple Ways Digital Signage Can Help Restaurants


As far as the restaurant industry is concerned, digital signage has immense potential. It is expected that in the days to come more restaurants are going to adopt this medium. These are basically cafes run by elderly members of a family, outdoor dining kiosks, food trucks, and other entities belonging to this group. Traditionally, these businesses have always refrained from using digital signage because it was too costly for them or complicated. For some, it was a combination of both factors. However, now these costs have been offset to an extent by the content and hardware solutions that are getting cheaper by the day. It can be said without a shadow of a doubt that digital signage can help transform these restaurants.

In fact, restaurants that have already become digital are now in the process of completely changing their networks in such a way that customer experience can become much better in the days ahead. The emphasis is on creating a sense of fulfillment and doing it in ways hitherto unseen. They are also trying to find ways in which they can streamline their business, especially from an operational point of view.

  1. Entertain the customers

Johnny Rockets is a huge chain of restaurants in the United States of America that resemble diners. It recently redid its signage systems within its premises in order to update its menu and also entertain the patrons in an interactive manner. It is presently using Rockbot – a smart media and music platform – in order to provide a musical experience that is lot like a jukebox. Here patrons can choose what they wish to hear with the help of their smartphones. It is a fantastic way for the chain to commemorate its heritage as a classic diner. They have been able to embrace technology in order to provide their customers an experience that is at once memorable and unique.

  1. Engage the customers

There are restaurants such as Taco Time that are using digital signage to engage their customers. These are ones that have moved beyond the stage of entertainment. It is supposed to help people who are waiting to get into the restaurant. It is just like any restaurant that serves people quickly but at peak hours a lot of people come here and have to wait quite a lot.

Even as they wait idly, they can now use the interactive touchscreen displays that have been placed by the company in the queue. This allows them to get familiar with the menu even as they wait. They can use their time in a constructive manner and thus when they get in the front of the line they are ready to place the order.

  1. Build their brand

Riot Hospitality works with a number of bars and restaurants in Scottsdale and Chicago. It uses several TV screens in order to show scrolling collages, where the live posts and Instagram hashtags of the guests are shown. In these collages there is no place for profane and negative posts. Sean Frantz, Marketing Director of Riot Hospitality, says that ever since it has started showing social media feeds, there has been a 200% increase in the Instagram channels of its clients.

A chain of fast and casual food from Peru, named PolloInka Express, has used digital signs in order to decorate their TV screens just like Instagram screens. This basically prompts the guests to use their social media channels while they are at the restaurant. Hector Cabral, the Executive Director of Inka Franchise Corporation, has seen that both members of staff and guests like their posts displayed on the screen. This also means that the brands of the organization are linked across the United States of America.

  1. Promote and welcome people

Restaurants can use digital signage in order to create graphic that can promote the upcoming events as well as specials. Similarly, the special schedules can also be shown through this medium. Riot Hospitality does quite something like this. Its marketing team comes up with brand-specific graphics and promotes upcoming events.

Buona Restaurants & Catering has also been using this technology in its 17 restaurants spread across Chicago. They normally serve traditional beef sandwiches from Italy. It uses Enplug screens in order to show its SnapchatSnapcode in its restaurant locations – these are the newest additions to the chain – at Beverly and Harwood Heights. Customers can scan this code quickly and follow BuonaBeef, the company’s brand on Snapchat. Aaron Ozee, Social Media Coordinator, says that this has enabled the company to create at least 1000 followers on the platform.

Dugg Burger is one restaurant that has been benefited because of this. Its atmosphere – thanks to the digital signs – is so welcoming that it has become a preferred venue for local groups and organizations as far as their dinners and fundraisers are concerned. The very concept of this burger chain is an innovative one. The main credit for this success goes to the Managing Partner of Dugg Burger – Jeff Braunstein. He is responsible for the high-class graphics that welcome the local groups to these restaurants. The team working under him schedules and uploads the graphics on the digital screens when the group is there at the restaurant. In a way, it can be said that these restaurants have been able to leave behind the beaten track and gone much ahead of digital menu-boards by embracing digital solutions that are interactive in nature.

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