Getting Noticed Online


Valuemags is a company based out of Chicago in the business of selling magazine subscriptions. They even have free magazines available on some of the titles. They operate solely online therefore it is important for people to find them on the web. There are many ways to get organic traffic coming back to your website.

According to conductor, up to 61% of a website’s traffic can come from search engines. It is important to know what search terms are most important in your industry to try and rank for them. Keep in mind that it is harder to rank for short tail words since the competition for it is too big. If you do rank high on short tail words, you might be getting great traffic but these words tend to convert less as compared to long tail words. There is always going to be that trade-off. An example of a short tail key word can be “magazine subscription”. A long-tail keyword will be “free magazine subscription for time magazine”.

Companies can take proactive steps to raise the number of conversions, increase engagement on social media while creating and fostering interesting and valuable content. The positive aspect in doing this as soon as possible is that it will give you more time to form an audience. Valuemags knows the significance of doing research on how search engines work. There are bloggers who claim to know more or less the most important components of what actions to take to make sure your sites rank. How search engines operate is with the use of crawlers that goes out and crawls the web. Its job is to look for new content on the web and understand what it is about. Search engines love new and fresh content posted on a regular basis.

It is important to note that the way these crawler or spiders index your page today was much different than the way they used to do them in the beginning of search. The most influential component was how many times a certain search phrase appeared on your webpage. Now sites will be punished if they use this practice. Back then Google did not have the user in mind and lately they are much more concerned with the user experience and their intention. The keywords Valemags want to rank for is still a critical factor in the algorithm but the way to value them are different.