Love Running? Love Music? But Which Headphones Do You Love To Run With?


In the past, it might be a little difficult to be a runner who is also a music fan who wants to have the best of both worlds in the form of nice, solid pair of headphones you can wear while running. Before, the options are rather limited to a mere handful of sports headphones, but now there are so many sports headphones out there for you to choose from–some of which are even designed with the needs and requirements of runners in mind. These days, choosing the right headphones for you to use while running goes down to you and your answer to this question: which headphones do you love to run with?

There are so many different types of sport headphones out there, be it an in-ear headphone or over-the-ear one, a wired headphone or a wireless one–the market for sport headphones, including ones for running, is quite saturated right now so it has become far easier to find the one pair of headphones you will actually love. And when it comes to sports headphones that you love, there is no single right answer out there. In fact, finding the best headphones while exercising┬áis an incredibly personal thing, and each runner might have their own preferences and specific requirements they are looking for in a pair of running headphones they want to invest in.

If your taste in music runs leans heavily on being bass-heavy, you might fall in love with Adidas Sport Supernova or Sony MDR-AS600BT, both of which deliver rich and solid bass that will make fans of musicians such as Kendrick Lamar happy. If it is battery life you are looking for, there a quite a few great choices out there, which include JLab Epic2 with its epic 12 hour battery life or you can opt of Plantronics Backbeat Fit or Jaybird X2, both of which come with 8 hour battery life which is more than enough for most runners. Before you make a purchase, make sure to read up on sport headphones reviews to ensure that the one you are going to purchase is the right pair for you, and remember to pay a closer attention to things such as its fit and comfort level, as well as the quality of the sound it delivers and features such as sweat or water resistance.