With the ELD devices you conquer your business goals effortlessly


According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA a common vehicle driver fills out around 230 records of duty status (RODS) each year. The ELD mandate is proposed to save each vehicle driver about 18+ hours spent to complete and send documented driver logs. Additionally, paperwork for documentation savings for each vehicle driver every year is calculated to be approximately $700.

The Electronic Logging Device or ELD device are specifically designed and developed for commercial motor vehicles and truck drivers so that their hours of operation can be tracked and recorded accurately and live.

ELD mandate has been made obligatory for all fleet owners and individual truck drivers all over the USA by the FMCSA. This mandate is beneficial for both the fleet managers and the truckers. On the one hand it makes recording of hours of service (HOS) accurate and unchallenging for a driver of a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) while on the other it ensures transparency between the truck owners and the drivers while allowing the fleet operators to track the geographical location and other status of the vehicle in real time.

The electronic logging devices were created as an alternative to the paper based logs of the former times. These devices are capable of providing complete security to goods carried by the respective driver. It is also an effective replacement to the tedious paperwork that could easily be forged or damaged.

Any kind of android phone may be substituted for electronic logging devices as long as the device matches the technical needs and is registered and certified with the FMCSA.

High quality electronic logging devices come with an advanced operating system. Besides, the product server support basic vehicle and driver set up while maintaining reports of each vehicle and driver. It also guarantees compliance.

Driver Vehicle Information Report or DVIR is shown on the back office portal in real time too. IFTA reporting is handled by the system to make it easy and simple.

The user gets ready-to-use software that has a Pre Arrival Processing System (PAPS), Pre Arrival Review System (PARS), and Proof of Delivery (POD) etc.

ELDs also meticulously illustrate the record of work status and allow the driver of a commercial motor vehicle to sign in and select off-duty, not driving and on-duty or on-duty modes without the hassle of odious paperwork. Application of the ELD Mandate allows you to go paperless and avoid violations.

It is equipped with Bluetooth to share reports instantly. Further these devices are compatible for a wide range of commercial vehicles.

The records can be saved on smartphones and computers in various formats that can be addressed for enforcement of traffic laws as per the Government. The device must be authorized on the website of the FMCSA via FMCSA login.

I hope the article helps you to consider the usefulness of the ELD devices for CMVs at all levels.