How Technology is Changing Delivery Services Across the Globe


Technology has changed and reshaped our daily lives, from the methods used to keep in touch with friends and family, to the ways colleagues communicate at work. The same is also true when it comes to delivery companies and services like Parcel2Go, across the globe.

While shipping has progressed from slow standard services to one-day expedited delivery, the utilisation of technology means that the future of shipping could look very different. In fact, there are a variety of technologically advanced delivery methods currently in trial.

Real Time Tracking

While there are a wide range of delivery companies who offer tracked shipping, this usually comes in the form of a numbered tracking label that is scanned at regular intervals throughout the shipping process. However, there are now several services that have adopted real time tracking through GPS technology, allowing customers to follow their package on a map, receive an alert when delivery is due or even reschedule to a different day or address.

Delivery by Drone

Drones have quickly been adopted by photographers, filmmakers and newsreaders, with great results. Now, they are being trialled as a new speedy delivery option in several locations. In particular, Amazon has recently hit headlines after being given the green light to start drone tests in the UK and America, with the aim of super fast thirty minute delivery after purchase. If successful, drones could soon be shipping packages in countries across the world.

Super Fast Flights

Technology has allowed the creation of new infrastructure for travel, such as high speed train services and the development of supersonic plans that can fly from London to New York in 11 minutes. In fact, although still a concept, this flight technology could be up to 12 times faster than Concorde. However, if it could carry passengers thousands of miles in minutes, the possibilities for international shipping are incredible and it could even revolutionise the way we shop.

Inside Your Home

No matter the number of ways technology can advance and speed up delivery services, customers still face one problem: being in for its arrival. However, Amazon has come up with a radical new development that could change the face of shipping as we know it — accessing customer’s homes. With the help of apps that allow owners to control heating and unlock doors via an app, there are now plans to trial delivery inside homes by using a one-time access code.