Investing in CRM for travel agency – Why


While many business persons still perceive CRM products surrounded by mystery, these products were developed for the single purpose of increasing the opportunities of a business and as a result, the profits. Needless to say, each industry has its own requirements for these software products. IT developers and CRM specialists put great efforts in the past few years to develop appropriate products for each industry, and this is how CRM for travel agencysoftware was born. These software products contribute to helping travel agencies to minimize the response time needed for every lead, and more importantly, the response time necessary for leads with a great potential. Below are some reasons why these products are so popular in the travel industry.

Establish stronger relations with your clients

Being a service oriented industry, it is necessary for business establishments activating in it to deliver faster and reliable feedback to customer. The fact that when planning a vacation customer are anxiously waiting for a response, requires travel agencies to deliver those in a timely fashion. Recent studies have shown that when choosing a travel agency, most of the clients eventually choose to work with the one capable to offer a reply faster. Successful CRM for travel agency implementation will offer differentiated services for each client, increasing client adherence. By offering the necessary means to access booking and transportation services, these pieces of software will empower business establishments in the industry to work faster, and thus, retain more clients. Also, in many cases, these software products will help travel agencies increase their client portfolio through referrals from former clients like the bpm’online software succeeds to do.

Key CRM features necessary in the travel industry

If developed specifically for travel industries, these pieces of software will provide features and functionalities that are designed to meet all the requirements in the industry. Certain vendors, like bpm’online or Clarcity Travel & Expense, are able to deliver measurable results for enterprises in the industry. Due to the increased functionality levels offered by such products, international communication, client database management and process automation becomes a realistic expectation. For instance, some of the most important features in the travel and accommodation industry are as it follows.

  • Intelligent client database: this feature will allow agents keep track of all their client’s needs and custom their offers just on time. Also, such features will allow keeping track of all client information, such as itinerary, pre and post-sales communication with each client. This will allow the travel agency to personalize further offers.
  • Multiple agent login: by using the collaboration tools usually integrated in such products, you can easily enrich the access of multiple agents to a single database for a more coherent activity.
  • Customer relations management features: these features will maintain a healthy relationship with all your clients, by offering intelligent solutions for client notifications, and client activity management.
  • Internal communication synchronization features: make sure that all your agents are up to date with the latest developments in the agency, by synchronizing email, chat and back office activity with your CRM system.
  • Document manager features: these features will allow your teams manage more effectively your documents, contracts, invoices, and so on, spending considerably less time managing such steps involved in the internal processes of a travel agency.
  • Lead management tools: these tools will empower your employees to turn leads into deals with more ease.

Benefits of implementing CRM solutions for travel agencies

Using innovative software products will contribute to automating essential internal processes, as well as increasing the levels of customer satisfaction. Below are some interesting benefits brought by implementing such products?

  • Improve your marketing strategies by analyzing trends and previous marketing approaches.
  • Increase the levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Increase your responsiveness levels by accessing with more ease your collaborator’s information.
  • Impress your customers with relevant information and personalized offers and deals.
  • Monitor your agency’s effectiveness by using the analytics tools.
  • Personalized solutions for your particular case.
  • Low coding knowledge required.

As you can see, by implementing such products travel agencies can increase the levels of satisfaction of their clients and as a result, increase client loyalty rates. These pieces of software will allow agencies to close recurring deals, as a pleased customer is more likely to come back for more services.

These are some benefits of implementing CRM systems in travel agencies. Make sure that you assess your business’ necessities appropriately, and pick a product accordingly to those. Also, before deciding which product is more appropriate for your particular case, search for vendors that are offering free trial versions for their systems. This way you can test yourself the efficiency and efficacy of these products before deciding. Also, beware of those vendors that are unwilling to offer a consultation before the actual investment. This signals an unproductive behavior.