The IBM iSeries Capabilities


Today’s world is a brave one. Mobile devices, cloud applications and advanced analytics are all the rage. Making crucial IT decisions is very pertinent to the future of any company. According to most tech insiders, the best solution for your IT needs is a system that will integrate the operating environment while, at the same time, provide exceptional resilience and security.

According to Steve Capitelli, the Director of Global IT Operations, IBMiruns their SAP applications and enables them to manage their complex solutions landscape with minimum effort and a small IT team.

Features of the System

  • According to IBM iSeries experts, this system has lots of great features ideal for optimum IT needs.
  • It integrates the database and operating systems, middleware and business.
  • If you have multiple processes and applications, this system gives you integrity and stability with its virtualized support.
  • It optimizes business resilience and does not allow disruptions when growing.
  • The system guarantees you compliance tools, the best security, and trusted auditing.
  • It is a system that has the best infrastructure support for mobile devices, as it is designed for open application systems.
  • It allows a plethora of third party industrial application solutions.
  • This system provides you with an easy and simple system of operations plus management of storage.

IBM Has Your Back

As IBMiSeries experts will tell you, IBM thinks about everything before okaying it or allowing it into the market. Other platforms develop and test their middleware components at data centers. IBM does it differently. It develops, conducts rigorous testing, and loads the core middleware components up front. This enables companies to use applications fast and employ fewer technicians and to receive the benefits of efficiency and reduced overhead costs.

Optimization and Integration

IBM utilizes the best integration practices when it comes to networking, security, storage management and relational database technology. IBMi seeks to prioritize efficiency when deploying specific applications, while supporting the 3000+ solutions sourced from over 2,500 internet service providers. IBM does this through its large global workforce, which is highly-skilled. It has worldwide partners who are of the highest quality.

System Administration

IBMi includes a runtime program for UNIX application. It is a Portable Application Solutions Environment. This enables AIX and UNIX applications to be seamlessly ported into the system. The applications ported to PASE, interact directly with the hardware. Thus, the processor works without additional layers. This makes it easier for system administrators. They do not need to know about UNIX systems to run the IBM iSeries. IBM leverages on PASE to get the support needed for great JAVA performance, PHP, and other IT solutions.

Choosing IBM iSeries, which runs on all IBM power systems, gives one the upper hand in their bid to achieve high levels of service. This choice will enable companies to focus on innovation and efficient service delivery while at the same time cutting cost by diverting money and personnel toward more profitable ventures. IBM applications guarantee the best in performance, flexibility, and lower operational costs.