Google Glass – Are The Features Worth Giving A Try?


When it comes to discussing about wearable technology, there are enough gadgets to talk about. The recent addition in the list is Google Glass. The Google Glass may look like a normal headset but it can change the way you entertain yourself. With the help of this unique device you can get directions, capture videos and snapshots quite easily.


Sounds interesting, right? Well you need to know a lot more about the Google Glass to realize whether the device is actually worth it or not.

Some features to know about Google Glass

Here are some most prominent features that you must know to assess its functionality:


1. The overall look

The device comes with a single elegantly designed glass. The titanium band encircling the overall frame is smart too. The nose grippers and silicon nose pad makes the whole setting stick to the right place. So it won’t slide down while you move. This look is smart and convenient enough.

2. The display fact

The display of the device is also unique enough. The transparent part of the device doesn’t hinder your sight in any way. The light doesn’t get directly reflected to harm your eyes. The projecting panel is set at the right side of the device and it creates clear projections. The images created by the device seem to be floating yet very much clear. Google claims that the display is equivalent to 25 inch high definition screen from a distance of 8 feet. This claim seems to be quite right.

3. Easy installation

You can easily operate your Google Glass applications through Android 4.0.3 or something more upgraded. All you need to do is to install the MyGlass app in an Android phone. After the activation of Bluetooth, the QR code will appear. Just hold the code in front of your eyes with the Glass on, that’s it. Your device in on!

4. Intelligent interface

After installation, you need to configure the device to make the most of the interface. You can add your contacts through your Google+ account. You can even access the Google Now, Gmail and Path applications too. The interface is smart enough to make the connectivity simple.

5. Quick voice commands

You can take a picture, capture a video or use Google quickly through some simple voice commands. This is really quick and convenient. Of course the search topics must be simple. If you’ll Google for some difficult topic, then probably you won’t be able to see all the search results. Only a few top results will appear in front of your eye.

6. Messaging facilities

The messaging facilities aren’t that developed yet. But Google has plans to work on this section for the improvement of the device. Right now the Glass only works at an initial level for the messaging. You’ll get the alerts for emails and text messages. To have a look at the message you only need to tilt your head.

All of these features are attractive enough and make Google Glass a device worth trying. So get your Glass and experience virtual reality on a different note.