There’s something about Vinyl


What is it about vinyl that still excites music lovers to this day? The world began the process of music digitalisation many years ago, which is a trend that continues to pick up pace as the days go by.

But vinyl, although nowhere near as popular as it once was, is still loved by many people around the world. And not only ‘old people’ either, as there are many young music fans who are only just recently embarking upon a serious love affair with vinyl.

In fact, it isn’t a stretch to say that the world is experiencing somewhat of a vinyl resurgence, which doesn’t mean oldies are blowing the dust off those old LPs, but more so that young people are taking an interest in vinyl records and they’re willing to pay a lot more for a vinyl record than they are CDs. This isn’t to say that vinyl is expensive, but it’s generally costlier than CDs, which have become much cheaper.


Sound quality

A lot of people argue over whether vinyl sound superior to MP3s and CDs, but we can all agree that they sound different. By definition, vinyl is analogue whilst newer formats are digital. That makes a big difference, but as many audiophiles will tell you, there’s something very different, something subtler and more appealing about vinyl. That’s why leading hi fi stores in Adelaide still stock a great range of vinyl.

Visual art

Perhaps you remember the excitement, the joy and the outright amazing experience that is buying a record, looking at the artwork on the bus on the way home, fumbling with the keys at the front door in excitement and rushing into your bedroom or the living room to put that new LP on, turn it up loud, and kick back and scrutinise that artwork again whilst listening to the record spin for the very first time.

If you don’t, it’s an amazing experience, one you’re highly recommended to try, and one of the aspects of the experience that makes it so remarkable is the visual art. MP3s, and in fact all digital forms of music with the exception of CDs, lack this. But for many of us it’s an important part of the experience, one we wouldn’t do without. This leads us to the next point – intimacy.


It can’t be denied that there’s something beautifully intimate about putting an LP on the turntable, after delicately taking it out of its cover taking great care to touch only the sides. It’s an intimate experience that’s missing from digital music, which is sad on so many levels, especially for those of us who remember that feeling well.

Whether you’re young and relatively new to music, or you’ve got a great deal of life experience to your name and remember the days when vinyl reigned supreme, we can all appreciate the inherent joy, beauty and intimacy that only vinyl delivers. For fans of vinyl who never lost their love for it, we salute you.