How Going Solar Can Make Your Life Easier (And Cheaper)


The solar industry has come on leaps and bounds over recent years and while a lot of people only know it for the roof panels that are said to slash your energy bills, there happen to be other products that benefit from the technology. Some are bordering on the incredible, with one example being local authorities using the energy to power intelligent trash cans which send an alert when they require emptying. Others are slightly more practical for the day-to-day consumer, such as a solar phone charger, backpacks, radios and even fans. Therefore, we’ll now take a look at the four appliances to show how they can make your life easier and less expensive at the same time.


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Phone Chargers

Out of all of the products manufactured for the standard consumer, this is arguably the most useful. Everybody has experienced their mobile phone dying at the most inconvenient time imaginable, yet with a solar charger you can help put an end to such instances. The devices tend to be very small to carry around and with no mains electricity required, you can charge your phone much more efficiently.


Solar backpacks are arguably even more inventive and are ideal for a huge range of people. Whether you carry a backpack to work or to school or simply take one on those short camping trips, the solar element can make them very useful indeed. The technology allows portable electronic devices such as phones and mp3 players to either be charged or used whilst on the move. In fact, it’s not just small devices which can be used in this way, with some solar backpacks possessing sufficient power to charge laptops and medical equipment.


It would be fair to say that the target audience for radios is on the decline and they are generally only used in remote areas – like on camping trips. It’s at these times where a solar powered radio could be ideal as if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere with no access to your trusty AA batteries, relying on the sun to listen to your favourite show could be a Godsend. Funnily enough, solar radios have been around a long time and while they are constantly improving, the first one was released over sixty years ago!


For anyone that is based in a warm country, a solar powered fan could be another handy item. Again, they are perfect for those situations where you can’t find your batteries, or perhaps for those camping extravaganzas. Admittedly, they’re not going to be for everyone, but as this article has highlighted solar power is generally only targeted towards the smaller items.