Checklist to Choose the Best Online Survey Software


In an era of technological advancement that is almost entirely based on the internet, the online system of carrying out a plethora of tasks is not new. In fact, it is credited with being the fastest and most accessible way of getting things done. Surveys are no exception to the rule.  Not only do online surveys have a wide reach, they also make a convenient option as reports are delivered almost immediately and are accessible from just about anywhere. Today, the internet is flooded with several players that offer online survey tools in many variations. However, there are many nuances that need to be looked into before opting for an online survey software. Here are some pointers for consideration.

Checklist to Choose the Best Online Survey Software

  1.       Statistical Reporting

The importance of surveys is not just limited to data collection. The data thus collected must be analyzed and presented in a manner that is informative and helpful. As such, the information collected must be statistically treated and the online survey tool must be adept at doing so. There is an array of tools, each of which is relevant for different occasions, and the software must have those tools on offer.

  1.       Segmentation

Segmentation, as derived from an online survey, can provide an effective and impactful result. A business, for example, is capable of identifying target audiences and eliminating inapplicable ones on the basis of a survey. It is, therefore, imperative that the online tool offers segmentation results as part of the package. While a few online survey software include it in their offerings, others charge an additional amount for the same. 

  1.       Industry Benchmarks

The primary reason for undertaking surveys is to assess one’s position in the market. As a business house, it does not merely suffice to know one’s own standing. A comparative is necessary for obtaining the big picture. With the knowledge of where one is and where one ought to be, developing strategies and policies becomes relevant and easy. Online survey tools should be able to offer industry benchmarks and indices to give a clearer picture.

  1.       Survey Invitation

There are infinite ways of approaching clients with an online survey. From a pop-up to an exit window or a simple link, the options are many. While selecting an online survey tool, it must be ensured that the vendor is willing to experiment and offers as many options as are available. What is true of one survey may not be true of another, and therefore, care must be taken at the time of selecting an online survey software.

  1.       Pilot Study

Most vendors promise a range of options in an effort to win over clients. However, the story does not remain the same upon purchase. While selecting an online survey tool, it would be better to do a pilot study that will give an insight into the efficiency and applicability of the survey tool.