10 ways to cut down your energy bills


Are you struggling with electrical bills and rising costs? You’re not alone – many Brits do. We’ve put together for you 10 simple ways of saving energy at home.

1. Pay online

Getting rid of cash is the easiest way to save money on energy bills. Most energy suppliers offer better deals if you decide to change your payment method and pay online or opt for direct debit, which can be even more profitable. Pre-payment meters can save you up to £100 every year, so why not take advantage of these schemes that make life easier for both you and your supplier?

2. Insulation

There is no better way to prevent heat loss than by insulating your cavity walls and loft. Your house will feel a lot warmer so you won’t always feel the need to reset your thermostat on higher temperatures. Investing in insulation work shouldn’t cost you too much and, depending on your house size, you can save up to £400 annually on energy bills and amortise your initial investment in just over a year.

3. Turn off the lights

You will be surprised to find out just how much you can save by always turning off the lights when you don’t use them. Draw the curtains to let more light in during the day and try to get rid of the bad habits of leaving the lights on when you go for a quick shop or you’re not in the room at night.

4. Unplug appliances

Did you know that electrical appliances use energy even when they’re idle? Everything that has a standby light such as a TV, computer monitor, DVD player and even laptops and phone charger always use energy. Unplugging when not using them only takes you a few seconds but it can make a big difference when it comes to your energy bills.

5. Get rid of normal bulbs

Energy-saving bulbs are so named for a good reason – they can last up to 10 times longer than usual ones and use a lot less energy. The difference in cost is not that big but it certainly adds up over a lifetime, reducing energy use and saving you money.

6. Vintage kitchen utensils

Modern food processors and mixers are quick and easy to use, but they also use a lot of energy so why not go for the manual vintage versions? Single lever food processors are a smart decision and equally simple to use and you can impress your guests with chic designs.

7. Efficient washing machines

Together with the fridges, they are the main energy eaters in the house. Opt for the most efficient models, even if they are more expensive, as you will no doubt gain more with lower energy bills. Also use the short program more often and wait until the machine is full with clothes.

8. Double-glazed windows

It’s true – again – they cost more, but if you’re really serious about energy saving and don’t plan to move anywhere else in the near future then investing in windows that keep the warm (or cool) air in is a must. You will never again feel the chill coming through the window frames.

9. Wear a jumper

Setting your thermometer to a lower temperature, even by a single degree Celsius, will reduce your energy bills considerably. And if all you have to do is stop spending the winters indoors wearing only a T-shirt, then it’s a small price to pay.

10. Go Green

When everything else fails, going green is the solution. Most people believe it costs a lot to live a greener life, but it can easily be done by simply using less energy day in, day out. Remember, the change for a better and greener planet shouldn’t come from the few who can do much, but from the many of us who can do little.

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